Why is Rosalina Number 1 on this list?

DCfnaf Look, I don't mind if you hate Rosalina...FOR GOOD REASONS. But this is stupid. Why is she number one? If you don't want to believe that Daisy Fans are everywhere on this website, then think again because look who is number one. You can hate on Rosalina, but not for BS reasons like "SHE'S EVERYWHERE!!!" and "SHE IS REPLACING DAISY". Two things which are just dumb to hate a character for. Everyone is so upset of her constant appearances, but characters like Yoshi get a pass because "HE'S CUTE!!! OMG HE DESERVES HIS LOVE OMG!!!!" Which is stupid since there are so many other characters that are cute that get very little attention. Anyways, ROSALINA DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE NUMBER 1!!!!

I don't even think Daisy should be on this list either. I think she's got a great personality and strength to match.



Look Dude, I Hate Rosalina, I Know It's Your Opinion And I Respect It, And Also I Don't Hate Finding Dory Anymore, And If I Did, How Is Someone Not Liking Something You Like A Reason To Hate Someone? - VideoGamefan5

I just don't see why she should be Number 1. Her hate is a touchy subject. - DCfnaf