Foxy Fans Expressing their Stupidity

DCfnaf What's happening guys, this is DCfnaf, and we're going to be going through cringe. The FNaF fanbase is full of children, but the fanbase that is DEFINITELY 99% 8 year old kids is th Foxy Fanbase. Let me show you why. (This post will be VERY long)

"Foxy is awesome! He gets me when I least expect it in the first game, wants to hug you in the second and third game, and licks you in the fourth (he's the only one of the nightmares who has a tongue)" - *Facepalm* did I mention that there will be TONS of "Foxy is Good" theorists on here? If he hugs you in the second game, why does he open his mouth, scream, and stuff you into a suit? In the fourth, they removed his tongue in the game!

"He so so well behaved compared to the other characters, Bonnie doesn't move much but he is super scary when you turn on the lights at the left door. Chica is not as scary but she moves a lot and killed me twice and I didn't even make it to the second night. Freddy fazbear, well I barely see him, foxy is cool and he doesn't bother you the first night, I like the way how he runs through the hallway and yells at me, he is so fierce, the first and only time I saw him do that, I was to scared to manage to close the door, but I think he still manages to come. In anyways" - Who the heck said Foxy was well behaved considering he's the most aggressive?

"I think that Foxy is the coolest! "Why" you ask? Well, ever since I have heard of Five Nights, I have started to like foxes for the sake of Foxy. And also his jump scare, it be as if he were to be your own father! Think of it this way, when your parents hear you scream, they race to your this case, the office...well, they would make sure that you are alright. Well, in conclusion, I have already said this, but I think that Foxy is EPIC!" - Another good guy theorist...enough said.

"In case you haven't seen how Foxy looks in MuikuMuikuDance (MMD) animations, Foxy is by far the best, and I'm not just talking about looks. I can relate to his personality. He's a loner and just wants some attention every once in a while. Like me, he enjoys little songs to sing to ignore the reject and pain inside. He was framed for things he didn't do and doesn't deserve to be hated. Only a heartless person would think he's evil. Like many others, I say that Foxy is a good guy. He grows worried about you not being around the pizzeria and runs to your office to check in on you. Clearly, Foxy is the best Five Nights at Freddy's character." - THIS is an example of how Foxy Fans think that fan fictions of Foxy are canon: He's obviously not a loner and he wasn't framed either. Oh, and here's another one: "I think foxy is number one because he is different he hides in the shadows because no one is friends with him and he is lonely and he is like a human being and he is the one that gets bossed around by freddy and the gang.". Since when did Freddy and the others boss him around? Is there in game evidence? No? Okay, well then it is fanfiction.

"Foxy is my favourite and we can all agree he's very popular he even gets his own little stage! Foxy is everyone's favourite and he deserves more Love and attention." - then why is he #1 on the list?

"I always loved foxy he's always been my favorite. I took a test to see which character I am from the game describing my personality and I'm Foxy!" - We can all agree this is a child, right?

" 'Overrated, overrated! Foxy is overrated! ' People are just saying these kinda stuff because they are sore and just plain envious, it's obviously and painfully undeniable." - Haha, no, it's because he gets too much love for no reason.

"This is what the boy who became Foxy looked like before he was murdered. Red hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. He liked pirates, Foxy, (he had a Foxy album), crimson, foxes, gold, and Halloween. He disliked snakes, and normal sailors. His name was Alexui Sullivan, and he lived to the age of four." - And where is the in-game evidence of this? Wait...there isn't any? OH BECAUSE IT IS FANFICS!!!!

"Me and my friends play real life FNAF at our EDGE program (basically a tag game where we use our powers to the advantage, like if you were BB you would laugh and get everyone to attack the person their after unless the person being attacked is someone's partner. No violence though), and I am Foxy." - No adult would EVER post something like this on the Internet. What does that mean everybody?

"Foxy is really good. He did not cause the bite of 87.He is real cute and the most idiotic idiots of all time would think he is not good" - Haha, you young boy, are a hypocrite.

"Whoever said that golden freddy is better than the pirate himself then you are going to die alone, Foxy made me not afraid of the game, and if u go 2 YouTube and search up five funky nights at freddys then he has some sweet dance moves at the end." - So first he attacks people if they have a different opinion, and then he thinks that a fanmade dancing video is I wonder if he's a little child...

"I love foxy but it makes me like him because my crush wants to be foxy and in want to be mangle" - Aww, that's so cute! A 7 year old girl and a killer animatronic together!!! What will they do when they...uh...go further?

"I agree Foxy is more popular because girls think he's hot boys they just love him!" - you just summed up how weird your fanbase is.

"Foxy is tails from five nights at sonic's" - I...I don't need to explain this one.

"I think foxy a friken awesome character the way he runs at you like "i keel U." " - Clearly a child.

"Foxy is the best! DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO BECAUSE YOU ARE A PIRATE! (Do-the- the-) Cause Your A Pirate!
DO the DO DO DI the-CAUSE YOU ARE A PIRATE-DO DO the the DI the!" - do know that video was not a FNaF video...right?

"Foxy is the best because he is just the most cutest one ever and sexy too and what makes him more sexy is that he is a Pirate!" - Pre Teens on the Internet everyone.

"I like foxy because he's a Genius! The way he looks like he not paying attention and then comes running out at you when you least expected.
Me and my friends were doing this thing where we are different charecters and was FOXY!!" - This...this isn't a real comment, isn't it? What? old are the people that use thetoptens? How old are the people that experience is game? Why are parents letting children onto the Internet?

"He's the softest animatronic. I like seeing his personality as a show off." - And this personality is shown...where?

"FOXY IS SO FAST I'm FAST AS FOXY THE PIRATE FOX BRUH! Even, He's so Cute and Fast and Another version of him at Sister Location Funtime Foxy!" - Yeah...this is a child.

"Foxy is my favorite, ever since the first fnaf game came out, to me, foxy is indeed a good guy, I heard that the other animatronics beat up foxy, which made me pity him, his backstory is the best, plus I love pirates and foxes so Foxy was the best combination out of them all, I believe Foxy is really good, you can say whatever you want about him, it still makes him the best out of all of the animatronics." - When did the other animatronics hurt Foxy? And why would they, considering they were all friends before death?

"Here is Foxy's timeline. The boy we know as Alexui, was mistooken for a bird by a snake and was almost going to eat him! It left, however. Alexui then went to try some pirate costumes. One hat nearly choked him. Then, as a different pirate, he almost got killed by a razor blade in his treats. At The Pizzeria, Alexui was lured into the back by Purple Sicko, and got murdered and stuffed into Foxy." - Terrible Fanfiction.

"Also I like how he looks that he's saying (HEY YO OKEY DOKEY) But he says it to laud that he brakes your ear drums and dye and then he's like ( OH NOO I KILLED HIM) :( HEY GO ON YouTube AND SEARCH UP ( FNAF NOT SCARY) It's SO FUNNY! bye...?" - I like how he thinks fanmade videos are facts!

"Foxy is the best! ☺ here are facts that your might not know about foxy!

1) He didn't cause the bite of 87, if he did, he wouldn't be in fnaf 1
2) Foxy is a good guy, when foxy kills you, he is just checking up on you making sure freddy, bonnie, and Chica didn't kill yoy, him screaming gives you a hart attack!
3) Foxy can sing!
You can look this up on YouTube" - #2 is an example of how children take theories as facts: Foxy is NOT A GOOD GUY.

Okay, that's as many comments from children I can handle before drinking bleach. I might do this with other FNaF character Fanbases later on, but this was my main priority. See you next time.

Oh, and if you were offended:


Boy, Chica >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Foxy :P - DaisyandRosalina

Circus Baby >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> EVERY OTHER CHARACTER! - DCfnaf

Foxy is NOT good, he's bad like the others. That theory is useless and fake.
Crappy fanbase. - DaisyandRosalina


Lol, nice post! - visitor

Thank you. The art of copying and pasting comments as well as responding to them is a very tough process. :P - DCfnaf

Great post DCFnaf! - TwilightKitsune

Thanks! 😜. Let me know if you want to see me cover other fanbases in the FNaF fandom. - DCfnaf

Can you do the fans that make horrible fan art? - TwilightKitsune

Hmm..,that would be from a variety of different character fanbases and it might be hard to find those. I do remember seeing someone say "Who put FNaF here this game is awesome p.s. I ship Foxy and Chica." But I think he was trolling. I meant in a general sense of character fanbases. Considering characters are so bland in this franchise, the reasons people give are ridiculous. - DCfnaf

The ones who said he's a good guy and the ones who call him sexy are the worst. Foxy is overrated - MLPFan

Hey MLPFan! TwilightKitsune has told me a lot about you. Anyways, Foxy is overrated and he's just...a terrible character. The only reason I would even REMOTELY like him is because of MandoPony's song "Noticed" which actually portrays the character as lonely and insane. However, in the games...he has no character whatsoever and yet he's the fan favorite because "DANK MEMES AND SHIPPING PORN ART! " - DCfnaf