What is Wrong with thetoptens?

DCfnaf Okay...so today is 12/28/16. As of today, something minor but weird happened with this website. You know how there is a three-lined box next to a user/visitor's comment? Well, usually when you click on it, you have a few options. Like, Dislike, Flag, Reply, and See Other Replies. When you click on it, the options usually go OVER the line cutting each entry of the list. Now, for some reason, when I click on the button, the options go BEHIND another entry of the list so now I can't check replies or flag comments. Why did this happen all of a sudden? And I hope you guys all understand what I'm talking about. It's a hard thing to explain...


Oh Yes, I have This Problem Too, It's So Irrating - VideoGamefan5

Yes. It also happened to me. Hmmm... - visitor

And now, replies appear as other comments. Is Admin tinkering? - DCfnaf

Yea I notice that too weird, but should be resolved quickly (I would hope) - htoutlaws2012

Oh yes I noticed now - DaisyandRosalina

Yeah, why is this happening? Hopefully Admin fixes this. - DCfnaf

I have this problem too, admin just gets worse. - visitor

Well...the first problem seems to be gone now...but the second problem is still there. - DCfnaf

Yep, I've been having the same problems. - visitor

Yeah I tried reading replies on a list its awful - epictoonsfan1

Terrible. The bug is gone now so I think we are cool. - DCfnaf

I Think The Bug Is Gone Now - VideoGamefan5

It is. Everything is cool. - DCfnaf