2016: This is an Awesome Community

DCfnaf What's happening guys, this is DCfnaf. Today is New Years Eve and that means 2017 is almost here. This also means 2016 will finally end. Thank god for that. This has been one of the worst years in history. It's not THE worst year in history (which makes me wonder why it is #1 on this list) but it deserves the top ten. So much god awful crap happened. Let's go through it all:

- The Zika Virus spread like a wildfire and causing severe birth defects and even deaths in infants that killed tons and tons of people.
- ISIS being ISIS
- Tons of mass shootings and tons of police officers killed in the line of fire
- Killer Clown Sightings
- Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were our two presidential candidates
- The incidents at Dreamworld and Disneyland
- Celebrity Deaths (Carrie Fisher, Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Prince, Christina Grimmie, Muhammad Ali, Gene Wilder, etc.)
- Batman V. Superman, X-Men Apocalypse, and Suicide Squad (the latter being okay)
- Nintendo making unoriginal and terrible games
- North Korea launching nuclear weapons
- Brexit
- Hurricane Matthew
- Multiple earthquakes in Italy
- Very corrupt and bad Olympics in Rio
- Many accidents (Train accidents in Germany and Italy, helicopter accident in Norway etc)
- An alligator killed a 2 year old
- The fires in Gatlinburg, Tennessee
- The Harambe Incident
- Butthurt Trump Haters damaged other people's property and killed innocent people
- Someone shot and killed 49 people at a night club in Orlando.
- A truck plowed into a party in Nice, France, and killed 84 people (a lot of them children)
- 32 people died in an airport in Brussels, Belgium
- Innocent police officers got killed in the line of duty
- Other stuff I might've missed

Yeah...this has been a terrible year. But not only did all of those things happen, we've had a ton of personal issues on this website and in our own lives.

- admin suspended Bobbythebrony (twice), Nikbrusk, and Cosmo for stupid reasons
- anonygirl's father died
- Catacorn's bunny June died because of a disease.
- djpenquin999's grandma died
- drdevil's dog died
- DarkenedBrutality bullied Powerfulgirl10 and keeps trolling lists and deleting wikias.
- DisneyAnime1234 died in a car crash
- Disney1994 came along and said something terrible about her death.
- Gamecubesarecool193 also said something terrible about it.
- Music_Lover123's Great Aunt died of cancer.
- Tons of things happened in MorbidCannibalSlayer's life (he was DarkenedBrutality sooo...)
- Neonco31's Grandfather died because of difficulty in breathing.
- Powerfulgirl10's dad died due to a blood clot
- We got Short Vacations (my personal nitpick.)
- Other Things (Let me know down below if I missed anything and I will add it here.)

Sorry to everyone who has lost something or someone this year that they really cared about. And R.I.P. Kylie. I think everyone is devastated about her death. (YOU BETTER BE OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN). And as for me...well...

- My Family is a Mess. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦
- I barely see my cousins anymore since they are practically grown ups now.
- I ended up in the same classes with an annoying kid two years in a row. 😞
- I got the flu a few weeks ago and missed an entire week of schoolwork. πŸ€’
- My English teacher is really unpleasant to be around. He thinks all teenagers are the same and he spent an entire period ranting about how awful Trump is. He even shamed some of the students in the room for liking Trump. πŸ‘ŽπŸ»
- Some of my school friends (who I still like nonetheless) are either egotistical, perverted, annoying, or all three. πŸ˜’
- I still consider myself disliked by my grade of students (In forth grade I was a bully and I think everyone still hates me for it even though I'm better now). 😒
- I had to deal with my entire school throwing a fit over losing the election. BTW, if you say you like Trump at my school, you are SCREWED. Cry me a river, you can't change the fact that Trump is our president now. Protesting doesn't help you either.
- My grandmother has fallen 2-3 times and spilled hot tea on the side of her face. Her skin got...bubbly. She's in her 70s. She also wanted me and my brother to give our grandfather some Troll action figures from the "Trolls" movie. I'm worried that she is hitting "that" stage in her life.
- My girlfriend and I broke up and we haven't texted each other in months. It's a really long story and it caused a lot of sadness and anger.

Yeah, It's not been great on the personal side of the spectrum either. Man I wish we could redo this year and start from the beginning before all of this happened. There are still good things that happened. Kirby: Planet Robobot and FNaF: Sister Location came out and I loved both of them (more leaning towards Sister Location though). Captain America: Civil War and Zootopia came out. So good things did happen. But I always felt like it was outshined by all of the bad. πŸ€•

But here is the important thing: We all managed to get through it. We were all strong enough as a community to finally get to the end of this crappy year. This was a really tough year to live in but we lived through it which shows how strong we all are. Another great thing about this year was that I discovered thetoptens.com and made this account. This website has now outshined YouTube as my favorite website of all time. Why? Two words: THE COMMUNITY. YouTube has a ton of terrible YouTubers and commenters. Roblox has a bunch of bullies. Minecraft consists of children. I don't even NEED to say anything about Call of Duty. You guys are mainly relatable and kind users. I have never found a single community on the internet that is as good as this one. I now have a ton of friends on this website thanks to my constant contribution to it. DaisyandRosalina was the first friend I got on here (Very underrated, go check him out). ModernSpongeBobSucks was another friend I got on here and I feel like he was one of the big reasons I got some popularity on this website. I also suspect he added me on the "Top Ten Users of thetoptens" list (I could be wrong but it's a guess). I became friends with AnimeDrawer recently thanks to my response to her Harambe list. I also became friends with Wereweegee, eventer51314, ChatNoirFan18, TwilightKitsune, and many other users that I haven't mentioned. I've also ended up on several users' "Users I Like" sections. AnimeDrawer, ChatNoirFan18 (until she got rid of her list), epictoonsfan1, jbella9000, and more have put me on those sections. It's awesome. You four as well as anyone I missed are awesome. Everyone who has followed me is awesome. This website is awesome. I love how accepting and understanding you are. You guys are amazing and I hope we all stick together as a community during the long, long journey of 2017.

πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰ Happy new year everybody. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

(*Me looking at the computer screen realizing he wrote something long and heartfelt about this website and its community*: I'M SORRY I'VE GOT GLITTER IN MY EYES!)😭


Other Terrible Things Happened In 2016

- R2D2's Actor Kenny Baker Died Therefore, he Couldn't Have A Cameo In Rogue One (Sadly)
-Gene Wilder Died, (We Still Have The Memes Though)
-Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare: The EXPLODING BOMB Of Dislikes
-ISIS Can't Stop Coming And They Can't Stop Coming
-David Bowie's Death
-Pokemon Go Is Getting People Killed
-Hillary's Dumb Emails
-The Emoji Movie, Fifty Shades Darker, The Lego Batman Movie Getting Trailers And Announcements
-Cartoon Network Makes Themselves Look Retarded Again

-Disney Making Amazing And Awesome Films (Zootopia, Finding Dory, Rogue One, Captain America: Civil War, Moana, Doctor Strange)
- Uncharted 4 (YAY! )

Oh Wait That's About It, Anyways I Wouldn't Call This One Of The Worst Years Like Everyone Else Is, But It Was A Bad Year But I'm Not Going To Overreact Because That's Pointless - VideoGamefan5

A lot of the things you wrote were actually there, just look deeper.

Also, yeah, this was a bad year but not the worst year in history. I'm pretty sure the Bubonic Plague was worse than the Zika Virus.

Anyways, hope you liked this post. It's not intended to be negative, it's supposed to praise everyone here. - DCfnaf

Also: I have a new list. - DCfnaf

Here's goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017. It's been nice having you, DCfnaf.

P.S. I indeed did add you to the list of Top 10 Users of TheTopTens. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Okay. Thanks for letting me know. This comment...changes everything.

If I ever remix that list...I guarantee you the #1 spot. Not #2. Not #3. #1. Okay? (No offense to other users I like. This really doesn't mean too much anyway since I treat most of you equally, except for the users I dislike). You are awesome. I was just a user that enjoyed what he was doing, not really interested in getting well known and guess what? I earned that gift anyway. I earned the gift by not begging or asking or adding myself to that list. Thank you MSBS. It's been nice knowing and having you on this website. - DCfnaf

You're welcome. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Welcome 2017, year of (hopefully) improvements. - visitor

PLEASE! - DCfnaf

2017 will likely be worse than 2016 since celebirty deaths are only continuing to grow and admin may do worse things. - visitor

There still hasn't been any other tragic events. 2016 is still worse. - DCfnaf

There was a few terrorisim things... - visitor

Man, there was a lot of bad things going on. And thanks for mentioning me. This post is really well done. And happy 2017! - visitor

Thanks! I appreciate it. Glad this list is over. And how could I not mention you? πŸ˜‚ You are one of the best users on this website. - DCfnaf

2016 sucks. 2017 Should be better. May I quote Rodrigo Duterte's line, "Change Is Coming".

P.S. No one mentioned Gravity Falls (ending) yet in this post? It's one of the best shows of the 2010s.

And another P.S. ENOUGH! Gravity Falls is done! It's over! - visitor

I'm upset that Gravity Falls ended too, but I'm also glad that it did. It ended at the perfect time. I'd rather it end with all good episodes than get worse as time goes on like Spongebob and other cartoons. - DCfnaf

Man, sorry all those things happened to you. Don't worry, you always have me and other users to talk to about it - TwilightKitsune

That's nice to hear. You're a good friend, TwilightKitsune. (You've been on my Users I Like section since Wednesday by the way.) - DCfnaf

Oh thanks! You're one of my favourite users too! - TwilightKitsune

Lol, I'm honored! I hear you are going to haunt anyone who does that follow me. Oh boy, you have a lot to add to your blacklist then... πŸ˜‚ - DCfnaf

Beware, DCfnaf haters - TwilightKitsune

TwilightKitsune is a strong one! She will petrify you, stomp on you, tattoo you, hang you, then burn your body. Be careful everybody. - DCfnaf

Yeah, by the way are you mad at me for something? Because you aren't on my followers bar, I'm sorry if I offended you.. - TwilightKitsune

WHAT? Uh...of course I followed you! I didn't forget about it and I'm not just rushing to do it now... (rushes to do it now) - DCfnaf

Lol, it's okay. Anyway what's your favourite haunting weapon? - TwilightKitsune

Hmm...I don't know. Maybe a Scythe? - DCfnaf

At least 2016 had the Deadpool movie. - Nonpointed

Anything with Deadpool in it is awesome (except X-Men Origins. What an awful movie). - DCfnaf

My grandma died that year.
I guess I should've made that more public.
I miss her. - djpenquin999

I'll add it on. I'm sorry for your loss. We are all here if you want to talk about it. - DCfnaf

All I see is my name. - djpenquin999

There you go. - DCfnaf

The policy was set up in 2015. - RalphBob

Really? I thought it was February of this year. Oh well, sorry about that. - DCfnaf

"I hope we all stick together as a community during the long, long journey of 2017."

ArchAces deleted his account.
Already in a bad start. - djpenquin999

*Facepalm* Are you kidding me? He was a good user. I loved his "Most Overrated Video Games" Remix. - DCfnaf

It Hopefully Won't Be Too Bad - VideoGamefan5

Right! It's not 2016 anymore! Thanks for trying to keep us all positive VGF5. - DCfnaf

Sadly Another User Who Deleted His Account was CoolDude2016, I Believe He Deleted It On Janaury 1 2017 - VideoGamefan5

CoolDude2016 deleted his account on New Year's Day? Uh...Happy New Year? - DCfnaf

Still on rym though... CoolDude I don't know - visitor

Other bad things that happened in 2016:

- My 6th grade teacher died
- Nick Menza died
- Metallica's album was disappointing and only had 3-4 good songs
- The fires in Gatlinburg, Tennessee
- Velitelcabal and Castlevaniafanboy128 retired
- I returned to TTT after a hiatus that started in 2015
- Bobbythebrony (twice), Nikbrusk, and Cosmo got suspended for stupid reasons
- I got permanently banned from Rateyourmusic and Pokemon Showdown for stupid reasons

2017 will be better but only because Donald Trump will be president. For TheTopTens, the year will probably make 2016 look like the golden age of TheTopTens. We need more users like Velitelcabal, Castlevaniafanboy128, Metal_Treasure, Htoutlaws2012, and PositronWildhawk, and other good ones that left include GoldenRocket, Zezerex, BarneyTheDinosaurRocks and JUSTINBIEBERLOVER. - visitor

Man, sorry all of those things happened to you. Remember, we are all here if you want to talk about it.

Wait...did you just say BTDR and JBL were good users? BAHAHAAHA *Ahem* hold on a sec (Okay DC, respect opinions...respect opinions...). Okay sorry. - DCfnaf

Shouldn't you be mentioning your troll accounts and...gulp...DarkenedBrutality? (AH I SAID ITS NAME! ) - DCfnaf

I'm currently trying to make a discipline appeal on Pokemon Showdown (The only way to get out of being banned), but they never responded. This was the second time I attempted to get out of it and the first time they denied the appeal because they said it violated the terms of use. - visitor

Oh boy... - DCfnaf

I had gotten banned for trolling multiple servers with multiple usernames (JustinBieberRocks, PSModGoesHereSucks) and I tried using my VPN but the site disabled it and found my real IP address. - visitor

Wow. What a surprise. That's toootally surprising for you. - DCfnaf

TTT was not the only site I trolled. I've done bad things on multiple sites throughout the internet which got me banned from many sites, including RYM. If they didn't ban me, I'd still be retired like I said at the end of september. - visitor

Wow 2016 was a whole lot worse than I thought it was. Thank God it's over.

(Also my dad died from a blood clot last year. It sucks.) - Powerfulgirl10

I'm sorry for your loss. We are all here if you want to talk about it. FYI, it's on the list now. - DCfnaf

"DarkenedBrutality bullied Powerfulgirl10"

That is nothing compared to the massive fights I had with Bobbythebrony. That made the deviantart fights look like butterflies and rainbows, especially since my fights with Bobbythebrony may have been bad but still nothing compared to PugaLizards or DanRandom. - visitor

My point was that you were an insufferable jerk. Luckily, you can change that. - DCfnaf

I can't change it since literally the entire site hates me and wants me dead and if I left they would get mad at me because they think I would just return again and whenever another user attacks me, everyone praises that user as a god instead of telling them to stop. - visitor

Who's telling you that you can't change that? I don't know, make an apology post. The site is really nice so you could be forgiven. As far as I'm concerned, you are a neutral user in my book. You haven't turned into DarkenedBrutality again just yet. - DCfnaf

The last time I made an apology post, all the users that read it told me to F*** off and leave and that all 7 billion people in the world wanted me dead and that I was worse than satan himself. The site is not nice, and everyone not only wants me to leave but to burn in hell forever, and if I chose to left they would get mad because they think I'd come back, and the last time I said I would leave, Therandom and Puga both got mad about that because they thought I would come back and I did because users kept fighting with me making me unable to retire.

If the site was nice, I wouldn't be getting posts to f*** myself.

I haven't turned back into the blaze I once was, but I feel like I'm starting to turn back, and unless users stop pissing me off and something changes, I'll be safe for a little longer. Chances are, by Jan 20th, I'll be trolling again. I hope not, but there is a good chance it will end up happening no matter how hard I try. - visitor

Don't troll. Maybe they'll start to like your content and posts and stuff...then maybe you will become a liked user. - DCfnaf

If I went a year through reformation, I would still be the most hated user on the site - visitor

That is 100% FALSE. At least you're having suicidial thoughts over getting hate. Opinionsarenotwrong is having those thoughts because we don't like a show he likes. - DCfnaf

Wow, your English teacher is a totally immature child. He should have his sorry butt fired!

Anyway, I hope 2017 is a better year for you.
And nice post! - visitor

I recorded 8 minutes of him ranting about Trump and arguing with the students that wanted Trump. Why waste your time with this? We can't vote yet! Originally I was gonna get him in trouble but I didn't.

Also, thanks. It's been "meh" so far, but thanks. You're one of the nicest users. - DCfnaf

Yeah, what? You're wasting your breath, buddy.
And you probably should have lol. But who knows if the school staff would've done anything about itπŸ™„

Aw, thanks - visitor

I didn't because somehow, the teacher would've found out I recorded him.

You're welcome. - DCfnaf

And also I hate my English teacher, because, he always absent sometimes. - visitor

I'd rather have MINE absent. - DCfnaf

LightningBlade Came Back, So It Might Not Be Too Bad Afterall - VideoGamefan5

I saw him, so maybe this could be a good thing. I'm pretty sure he was "HallowedBeThyName" also, - DCfnaf

Before I read this post:i'm just gonna say it hre because you can't message,forget I ever posted that comment on blazes post - Nateawesomeness

No hard feelings bro. I figured it was a misunderstanding. Computer typing and all... - DCfnaf

After I read the post:Great post m8 - Nateawesomeness

Thanks! I literally put my heart and soul into this post.

I also did other stuff recently, such as my first movie review. - DCfnaf

2016 is a terrible year. Not only Zika or Ebola virus, there is another virus, Listeria. Yeah, goodbye 2016 and the terrible things that happened. - visitor

How wonderful. :/ - DCfnaf

I mentioned Donald Trump to my physics teacher once and he was FUMING, he shouted across the class and acted pretty scary - TwilightKitsune

KILLER CLOWN SIGHTINGS? What do you mean? - TwilightKitsune

Um...you didn't know about the clowns with knives trying to scare everyone? - DCfnaf

No - TwilightKitsune

OK, for all the people who say I'm ONLY suicidal because people don't like Liv and Maddie, Teletubbies, or other stuff such as Oliver & Company, Gordy, and The Fox and the Hound, THINK AGAIN! I hate EVERYTHING about my life! And this year has ALREADY been both bad AND awful, just EVERY OTHER YEAR since 2006! In fact, this entire CENTURY has COMPLETELY sucked duck butt! And I mean the butts of SwaySway and Buhduece from Breadwinners. Ever since 2006, I've noticed something horrible happen EVERY YEAR. Bad people are alive, good people die, miserable people are forced to suffer, bad T.V. shows and movies get made, and do I even need to say it? I'M STILL ALIVE! I KNOW the world WOULD be better off without me, and you know it too. The world should have ended BEFORE the 2000s started. Then we wouldn't BE HERE, living in the WORST world EVER! Also, I'm planning on ditching this account and going back to Disney1994. It wouldn't replace what I lost, but at least I won't have to keep using a name that I believe to be a complete and utter lie. One of these days, I WILL go back in time and stop myself from being born, and then I'm gonna watch as EVERYTHING improves. I'm gonna watch as Liv and Maddie goes back to being far lower on every worst list, or even better, not even ON the worst lists! Same for Teletubbies and other stuff I was responsible for people hating. Really, WHEN WILL THE WORLD END ALREADY? We're going on 11 years since I started realizing that the world is awful. The world should have ended YEARS AGO! Don't you people wish I was never born? I know I do. And I've hated my life for as long as I can remember. It's POINTLESS to be alive when you KNOW you're ONLY making the world WORSE THAN IT ALREADY IS! ESPECIALLY when it's the worst world ever. I wish for EVERYTHING about my miserable life to GO AWAY FOREVER! What would it be like if I could fix EVERYTHING wrong with the world, and all I had to do was give up my life to do it? You KNOW I WOULD do it, right? Because I WOULD! I would GLADLY give up my life to make EVERYTHING not suck. THEN Liv and Maddie wouldn't be hated, and neither would Frozen or Gordy. Why am I the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD who HATES being alive?! I'm telling you, my hatred of life HAS to go far, FAR deeper than being autistic. FAR deeper! I hate being alive, and you hate me too. Yet my friends and family don't hate me even though they SHOULD! Same with Liv and Maddie. Why do I even LIKE that show? Or ANY show? Why SHOULD we like anything if EVERYTHING just HAS to have a reason to hate it! No matter what I'm ALWAYS blaming myself for life's problem, NO MATTER WHAT! And it all goes back to the very day that I was born. It was a pointless life to live, and ALWAYS WILL BE! And I STILL haven't talked to RockFashionista yet, so I STILL don't TRULY know her reason for admiring Hitler, other than it's PURE PROOF that she's INSANE! I'd feel better if it were HER with the worst life ever, and ME who's helping her. And what would it be like if it were ME who'd never seen films like Gordy or Oliver & Company? I would have LOVED to be introduced to them. But I also would love to die and NEVER LIVE AGAIN! I miss my old life. The life I had BEFORE I started watching shows like Liv and Maddie or Teletubbies. The life I had BEFORE SpongeBob turned to crap. The life I had when the world was better. It's only been getting worse every year since the day I was born. - visitor

I've seen some changes to this website I liked recently. Trump's gonna be president so I think America might improve. Medical technology is evolving, so there will probably be better ways to get rid of diseases. I look forward to some of the media coming out this year. I think 2017 is gonna be better than 2016, and those are the reasons why. - Skullkid755

I agree. - DCfnaf

Now that I'm here, the year would be better. - visitor

what about now
two words.
gen 18. - iliekpiez