Response To: "Reasons Why Different Opinions Suck"

DCfnaf List Title: "Reasons Why Different Opinions Suck"
Author: opinionsarenotwrong (Oooh boy)
Description: "Last year I made a list called Worst Things About Opinions, which people didn't agree with. I decided to do a more specific one this time, in sharp contrast to my current username. So here it is: the reasons why I hate different opinions."

Well, it looks like opinionsarenotwrong is at it again. Aren't we all excited? I'm sure you are, because we are tackling a REAL awful list this time. AnimeDrawer's list was out of character for her and I just wanted to give her advice. Opinionsarenotwrong, however, has done more harm than good on this website and this list is no exception. For this response post, I'm going to do a deductive debunking and kick this list's sorry butt. There are so many issues with it...where do I begin??? I would say that this list is meant to help this user in the future, but this user never takes anyone's advice and is completely immature, so it's not easy for me to do that.

1. They're boring.

So the first reason different opinions from your own suck is because they are boring. Well, this is sort of true because the author's opinion is utterly boring, but that's beside the point. It's barely true. Opinions are a way to express one's feelings that aren't necessarily facts. If our opinions were "boring" then you shouldn't even be making this list bashing our opinions because YOU SHOULD NOT CARE!!!! Another problem with this entry is that opinionsarenotwrong ONCE AGAIN complains about how people hate "Liv and Maddie" and tries to shove his opinion down our throat AGAIN.

2. They're annoying.

There are many things wrong with this entry. First of all, boring and annoying are two completely different things, so the list is contradicting itself completely. Second of all, other people's opinions can't be annoying if they have good reasoning.

3. They make you lose your faith in your sanity.

Wow! This is the money-making entry. I guess we've learned why opinionsarenotwrong is acting the way he is, as a 22 year old. The author has this mindset that everything he likes is generally hated and everything he hates is generally liked. First of all, Sanjay and Craig is hated by many and you hate it a lot OANW (abbreviating the username). Second of all, Gravity Falls is loved because of it's wonderful characters, stories, mysteries, and clever ideas. Frozen is hated for being overrated, but I personally don't hate the movie. There. I gave you the reasons why. Now start respecting others' opinions since your username tells you to.

4. They're the reason why good things are always on worst lists or bad things are always on best lists.

How the heck is this true? As I said earlier, everyone absolutely LOATHES Sanjay and Craig so you should be dancing around knowing that.

5. They can be disturbing.

Admittedly, RockFashionista having an interest in Adolf Hitler is a sin, but I have "disturbing" opinions on certain things and I don't give a crap. I still don't like that OANW disrespects her opinion on Gravity Falls.

6. They can be stereotypical.

The whole "overrated" junk is stupid, but not all opinions are necessarily stereotypical. Take me for example: Wario is my favorite Mario Character. Most people don't like him. Enough said. BTW, I do respect your opinion on One Coarse Meal. I personally hate it, but I can see why you don't mind it. And yes, The Battle of Bikini Bottom was not that great. I don't see why you have to write about it so immaturely though.

7. They can be sexist.

It's not sexist to hate Frozen and like Star Wars. What the hell are you talking about? People like Star Wars because of the movie quality and stunning everything else. It's not liked because it is for boys. I don't know what the hell you are talking about.

8. They can be unrealistic.

Thi...This entry DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!!!!! This list is about why DIFFERENT opinions are wrong, not YOUR OWN. Your OWN opinion is that you like teletubbies (weird, but IDC). This entry shouldn't be on the list!!!

9 They can be mean-spirited.

"Such as all the people who hate Liv and Maddie JUST BECAUSE I LIKE IT! Either that or they like Gravity Falls JUST BECAUSE I HATE IT!" Your comment is absolutely RIDICULOUS. You can't blame YOURSELF for other people's OPINIONS. The reasons why people hate Liv and Maddie are that the acting, characters, jokes, etc. are not great. And I told you why people like Gravity Falls earlier. Our opinions are NOT mean-spirited just because we DISAGREE with you.

10. They can be taken as a joke or even a lie when they're the truth.

That's probably you having some social issues. I'm not sure if you have a disorder or not so I won't bother critiquing this one.

Now for the honorable mentions:

11. They make you feel like an outcast

12 They make you make lists like these

13 They make you a hypersensitive and spoiled bratty special snowflake

Thank you to whoever added those savage #s 12 and 13. Anyways, this list is ridiculous. The biggest problem with this list is that it's completely hypocritical in so many ways. First of all, the list attacks other people's opinions...when the author of the list is giving HIS OPINION. Second of all, "This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author." with the keyword being OPINION. Not to mention his NAME is "opinionsarenotwrong" and he's contradicting his username. He even FLAT OUT TELLS YOU that he's doing it on purpose! Another problem is that this list is basically saying, "I have an opinion, and everyone else's is terrible". I'm not sure if that was necessarily the intention, but it's the message it is giving. opinionsarenotwrong, you are 22 years old. Don't you think that you're a little too old to be caring about other people's opinions? I think you are a little too paranoid. We don't hate Liv and Maddie because of you and we don't like Gravity Falls because of you. We feel those ways because we have opinions. Remember that opinions are not wrong!!! It's your USERNAME for crying out loud.

Anyways, I thank you all for reading this. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to be pouring bleach into all of the entrances of my face. Thank you all, and I'll see you on my next response post. Peace.


Good Post, Also That Stupid Glitch, Yeah It's Another Retarded Change Admin Had To Make, Now We Can't Comment, Wow, Anyways Awesome Post - VideoGamefan5

What is he doing to this website? - DCfnaf

Making It Unusable - VideoGamefan5

IKR. Now if you go on a list and click on someone username, a page pops up. - DCfnaf

I like that, now I can go to someones account from a list without leaving a list. - Skullkid755

Legend. This post hits all the shots out of the ballpark. I just hope admin doesn't delete this post. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

LOL, same. He hasn't deleted any of OANW's childish comments so who knows. n - DCfnaf

Here's what you DON'T UNDERSTAND: even though Liv and Maddie was already hated, it wasn't ALWAYS considered THE worst show ever. AND NOW IT IS! And do you know why? BECAUSE OF ME! Same with Teletubbies. And even The Fox and the Hound became like that. Just ask VideoGameFan5 about it. Look at his lists of Most Overrated Disney Movies and Top 10 Terrible Movies That a Lot of People Like for example. And about Gravity Falls: it WAS on the list of T.V. Shows with the Worst Hatebases, and for the same reason Liv and Maddie was on T.V. Shows with the Worst Fanbases: BECAUSE OF ME! Next, boring and annoying ARE similar for me, because I'm ALWAYS bored AND annoyed with the way life is. It's ALWAYS both boring AND annoying to be the ONLY person in the ENTIRE WORLD who loves Liv and Maddie AND hate Gravity Falls. Because even people who DO like Liv and Maddie don't ALWAYS consider it the best show ever, and even when they do like it or love it, they'll ALSO like or love Gravity Falls. Then the next point: that things are liked or hated for a reason. Well, is that reason ALWAYS justified? NO! Like for example, does it make SENSE that people hate Frozen JUST for being overrated when it's not even a bad movie? Like for example, Chicken Little is hated for being mean-spirited. Frozen is NOT mean-spirited. Then Liv and Maddie is hated for things like it's full of stereotypes and is annoying. What was so annoying or stereotypical about Frozen? I need an answer. If even Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners are better than Liv and Maddie for not being as stereotypical then what does that say about Frozen? That it CAN'T be as awful as Liv and Maddie! Also, there IS a stereotype in Breadwinners: that all ducks eat bread. And yes, this stereotype HAS been scientifically proven false. Then Sanjay and Craig has the stereotype of the dumb and annoying third grader who makes toilet jokes (that's what ProPanda told me). Then dad told me the Breadwinners stereotype, AND that it's factually inaccurate. Then you say Sanjay and Craig is loathed, but they STILL loath Liv and Maddie more than they loath Sanjay and Craig. Yet BOTH shows were on the list of Best T.V. Shows, even BEFORE I came. And last time I checked Sanjay and Craig was like 711 on it. Liv and Maddie would probably be around the same place if it weren't for me. You know what THAT (putting Liv and Maddie next to Sanjay and Craig on a best or worst list) reminds me of? A site I found that had The Fox and the Hound right after James and the Giant Peach on a list of Worst Disney Movies. And guess what was BEFORE James and the Giant Peach? Oliver & Company! In fact, that ENTIRE LIST had NOTHING but lesser-known Disney movies from between 1970-2006. Here's what they were:

1. Pocahontas (1995)
2. The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)
3. The Aristocats (1970)
4. Oliver & Company (1988)
5. James and the Giant Peach (1996)
6. The Fox and the Hound (1981)
7. A Bug's Life (1998)
8. Tarzan (1999)
9. Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)
10. Cars (2006)

The only other movie out of these that I hate besides James and the Giant Peach is Atlantis. Yet I know PLENTY of people who liked BOTH of them, or at least one of them. Even when they don't like James and the Giant Peach they'll STILL sometimes like Atlantis. Even some fellow toptenners like either or both of them. (Mcgillacuddy and BKAlmighty both like Atlantis). Then you say you agree that The Battle of Bikini Bottom wasn't good, but do you agree that it was worse than The Splinter and A Pal for Gary? Even if you do, OTHER PEOPLE don't. Powerfulgirl10 even claimed that it "handled gross-out humor well". And guess who ELSE said that? ModernSpongeBobSucks, Eddneddyfan55 (on his old account), and that other user. And another thing, that episode (TBOBB) was NOT mentioned in Mr. Enter's Top 10 Worst Patrick's a Prick Episodes, and neither was The Gift of Gum, which was ALSO said to handle gross-out humor well. Then when I said it was sexist for hating Frozen, I meant like when TheRandom claimed to hate movies like Frozen and Tangled for being girly. So I didn't feel as awful at first when he claimed to hate Liv and Maddie, because I assumed the same logic applied. But then he brought up the fact that it's full of stereotypes. That's when I FINALLY realized that the show was ALWAYS hated for being stereotypical, even in the clean, kind-hearted episodes like Sweet-16-A-Rooney. And about this being a non-votable list: ADMIN did that, NOT ME! He also did it on Reasons Why [Disney1994 Thinks] Life Sucks, in addition to changing the title. Otherwise, I would have added "Because no one likes or agrees with this list". I wanted to add that SO BADLY. It's why I made this one. Like I said, it NEVER feels good to see people NOT AGREE! And it was ModernSpongeBobSucks who added the last item (I thought he added the one before it too but it didn't say in the history, so it might have been a visitor). And finally, I mentioned the TRUE reason I made this account: it was all in order to keep a low profile just as ModernSpongeBobSucks said. It was based on what my brother Ryan believes, and I came up with this username because I'd already done BravesBoy, Bamafan, and parksandrecreationfan in the past. This was the best I could come up with that wasn't already used. But then later, I realized that I actually CAN go back to Disney1994 if I want to. So I plan to do that once I get everything backed up. But first I have to get my new laptop working. Meanwhile, I want my old account back completely, but it looks like I'm stuck without it. Yet another reason why I hate my current life. Most of the stuff I did on my old account was better. In fact, there are times where I feel like I get even LAZIER and LAZIER every year, and ALSO keep running out of ideas and get even LESS and LESS creative over time. And I can't even always remember what I said originally. Not exactly. Like I don't remember EVERY episode I put on the Worst SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes for example. At least not the EXACT order. OR the exact comments. I was even kinda proud of that list, for the most part at least. Although I would have felt better (a lot better) if The Battle of Bikini Bottom (#1) swapped with One Coarse Meal (#55). Like I said, TBOBB wasn't THAT hated, and was at #55 right before I deleted the previous remix I made on this account that did NOT have comments and replaced it with one that DID have comments. I miss my old comments for most of the list though because so many of the items have crappy comments, or at least crappier than they were before. I was even proud of what I wrote about A Pal for Gary last time. I talked about the way it would have been advertised as Our Very First Gary Torture Porn. Although some would say that that title belongs to The Great Snail Race but then again, TGSR was actually GOOD because SpongeBob actually saw the errors of his ways in that episode. Oh, and also, about this list being intended to say I'm the only one with a right opinion, that's not QUITE it. It's really about why even I can be just as wrong as other people, or MORE wrong. Like when I said it's unrealistic that I like Teletubbies despite being a 22-year old grown male. I said that's an example of why I don't fit in, for liking either baby shows (like Teletubbies) or stereotypical teen sitcoms (like Liv and Maddie) better than the other shows people around me like. Like I said, even my own friends and family don't think Liv and Maddie is the best show ever, just a really good one. So they'll usually say either 8 or 8.5 for the show when I wanted at least 9.5. This happens with Disney movies as well. Anonymousxcxc for example claimed to rate Oliver & Company a 7.7 and The Fox and the Hound an 8.5, when I wanted 10 or at least 9.5 for both of them. Then Gordy was even worse, only a 5.9. Yet Liv and Maddie was only 4.6 at best, for the earlier episodes, and 3.1 for the newer ones. Yet Gordy got lower than Liv and Maddie at IMDb (a 3.9 vs. a 6.3). I don't get that, AT ALL! Anoymousxcxc wasn't even the only person to like Gordy better than Liv and Maddie. There were plenty of other people who liked Gordy better which includes people who hate Liv and Maddie AND people who had given Gordy a 10. Minecraftcrazy530 had given Gordy a perfect 10 for example, while Liv and Maddie was a 1.5. The 1.5 for Liv and Maddie was for the episodes she didn't think were THAT bad such as Sweet-16-A-Rooney and Flashback-A-Rooney. Those two were among the few to get so much as a 4 or a 5. I didn't TRULY think the show deserved to be hated based on these episodes and others Minecraftcrazy530 didn't completely hate. Then the cracks started forming. And now I feel shame in liking this show. Would you STILL hate it as much if it at LEAST didn't have the mean-spirited undertone and disturbing toilet humor? It's both those things that made it comparable to Sanjay and Craig, along with the bad writing and annoying characters/jokes. And THAT'S the reason I feel nothing but shame in liking the show now. But tell me, don't you think it's TRUE I SHOULD go back in time and erase my life once and for all one day? Because believe me, I WOULD if I could. I really and truly would. - visitor

Wow, it must be nice having tons of free time. I wouldn't be able to write a long paragraph like this with the stress I have. Nobody consider Liv and Maddie worse than Sanjay and Craig. Also, I find it hard to believe that you've been suicidal since 2006 and haven't done anything like see a therapist or actually attempt suicide. JS. - DCfnaf

Agreed. He didn't even listen to my damn response. - DCfnaf

Disney, PLEASE STOP, In The List Of Worst Sonic Games, People Hate Black Knight And Lost world More Than The Secret Rings, Do You See Me Complain? , NO!, In The List Of Most Overrated Disney Movies, Frozen Fans Hate On Wreck-It Ralph And Zootopia, Do You See Me Complain? , NO!, On The List Of Worst Gaming Consoles, The Air Wireless Gaming System Is Lower Than PS4, Do You See Me Complain? , NO!, People Hate On Pixar's Cars, Do You See Me Complain? , NOPE!, Gosh, Mitchell, We're Trying To Help You, But All You Do Is Complain About People Hating A Overrated Sitcom? , PLEASE, Just, I Don't know What To Say Anymore Opinionsarenotwrong, Here's A List Of Users That Have Went Through Your Bad TTT History:

Me (VideoGamefan5)

And A Huge More Users Who Have Suffered Through Your Nonsense, Disney1994, Please, Just Calm Down, Your Literally Overreacting, I'm Not Going To Say This A Lot, But Disney1994, Please, Just Calm Down - VideoGamefan5

I HAVE seen a therapist, AND attempt suicide! NEITHER worked! And the free time for the most part SUCKS! It's the reason I even came back after I said I was going to quit forever. Not to mention the reason I even JOINED AT ALL! Another thing I realized is that I'm been suicidal since ALL the 2000s in general, but ESPECIALLY since 2006. That was the year that I OFFICIALLY realized that there IS such a thing as a wrong opinion AND that everyone has one! It's also the year I officially realized that I SHOULD go back in time and erase my life. I'm telling you, I WILL do it one day if I can. I would LOVE to get rid of my miserable life. Also, I saw that they deleted the other comments on this list, AND the honorable mentions (even though the first honorable mention was added by me). That honorable mention was:

They make you feel like an outcast

Then under that I wrote:

Another reason I forgot to mention. Goes with everything else. I've NEVER felt like I fit in and this is why. I'm a lonely loner who likes Liv and Maddie and hates Gravity Falls.

Then PhantomMilitia wrote on one of the items:

Haha, really? People are automatically mean spirited because of their opinions? I may have done some cringey stuff (Pop vs metal war), but I never sunk this low.

And this is coming from a guy who not ONLY claimed to hate Liv and Maddie, but ALSO Disney in general. So, what does that say about him? That he hates wholesome stuff. WHICH PROVES MY POINT, that people ARE mean-spirited in what they like and hate. TheRandom and some other people are the EXACT SAME WAY. They hate wholesome stuff. And yes, that IS one of the reasons why people who hate Liv and Maddie like Sanjay and Craig, because Sanjay and Craig is not wholesome at all. Either that or because Sanjay and Craig is animated, or because Sanjay and Craig "is a throwback to old cartoons like Ren & Stimpy or Rocko's Modern Life". I'm telling you, I KNOW I should not be alive. I'd LOVE if my ENTIRE LIFE had been deleted the day that Blaze got the old Wikia deleted. Is there still a surviving Wikia left? Because if there isn't, it's likely proof that Blaze is at it again. Unless it was Gamecubes. Like I said, my life SHOULD be deleted. THEN you wouldn't be seeing Liv and Maddie so high on EITHER best OR worst lists about T.V. shows. I'm never gonna forgive myself for that, making Liv and Maddie the MOST hated show EVER! Same for Teletubbies and anything else. The world seriously hates me, I just KNOW it. It's not worth it to be alive when you don't enjoy it at all, OR have anyone on your side. Currently only ProPanda is still on my side, and even he hates Liv and Maddie despite agreeing that it's not THE worst show ever. Then again, he told me he hasn't watched past the first season so he never saw some of the worst episodes which came from seasons 2, 3, and 4. Honestly, I'd LOVE to trade being alive for a better world. It's not like I have anything to lose. In fact, I'd LOVE to lose being the most hated person ever, AND the person with the worst life ever. Not being known at all is better than being hated. Can anyone tell me if there's even a Wikia left? And yes, I still hate my life. But one of these days, I WILL erase it, and THEN you'll be better off. - visitor

You are delusional. This website hates Sanjay and Craig more than Liv and Maddie. We've told you several times and you won't listen.

Also how the hell are you the person with the worst life ever? There are people who live in the streets with no food, home, clean clothing, bathroom, and are sick. And you think YOU have the worst damn life in the entire world? - DCfnaf

Disney1994, Also Both Sanjay And Craig And Liv And Maddie Suck, Ok? , You Happy? - VideoGamefan5

@phantommilitia I like you a lot. Thanks for agreeing. There are also people who have family members that were lost in wars and 9/11. Enough said, - DCfnaf

@PhantomMilitia: I told you once I listen to Disney music and you said you "hate that s***". I STILL REMEMBER! Maybe you don't, BUT I DO! And then as for "This website hates Sanjay and Craig more than Liv and Maddie.", have you SEEN the worst lists with Liv and Maddie at #1? There's:

Top 10 Most Cancerous T.V. Shows
Top 10 Most Unwatchable T.V. Shows
Most Hatable T.V. Shows
Most Teen Pandering T.V. Shows
T.V. Shows with the Worst Fanbases

Honestly, I was expecting you to hate it too, ESPECIALLY after seeing you put Po in the worst characters AND say she's the worst character from Teletubbies AND that you hate Teletubbies too. SERIOUSLY! All I could think of is you haven't actually ever watched Liv and Maddie. And then you say I DON'T have the worst life ever, THINK AGAIN! Even the starving people DON'T have to feel like EVERYONE IN THE WORLD hates them, like NOTHING they EVER do is right, and that they're ONLY making life WORSE than it ALREADY IS! Also, even if PhantomMilitia DOES like Disney, I cannot say the same AT ALL about AggressiveBlaze. He TOLD ME he hates Disney! So even The Lion King sucks according to him. I'm telling you, I KNOW I need to get rid of my miserable life! FOREVER! I KNOW I live in the WORST world EVER, where EVERY T.V. show is the worst show ever, where every actor/actress is the worst actor/actress ever, where every MOVIE is the worst MOVIE ever, and where EVERYTHING SUCKS! There is NO POINT AT ALL to me being alive! Admit it, you KNOW you'd be better off without me. And I'D be better off knowing that people DON'T consider Liv and Maddie to be worse than Sanjay and Craig. There is not ONE REASON WHATSOEVER why I SHOULD be alive. I WANT MY LIFE TO END! EVERY SINGLE DAY I feel NOTHING but PAIN AND MISERY! And GUILT! And you say Liv and Maddie is overrated, well would it STILL be overrated if it weren't for me? I DON'T THINK SO! Same with The Fox and the Hound, Gordy, Teletubbies, AND OTHER STUFF! Only Frozen has that excuse, but it being overrated STILL does not justify it being considered worse than The Human Centipede, The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, Foodfight!, Norm of the North, and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale among OTHER atrocious movies! Really, WHY DID I HAVE TO BE BORN?! To torture people? To live the WORST life EVER? To prove to people that even when you think life can't POSSIBLY get any worse, IT CAN?! Because that's ALWAYS what it's like for me, ALWAYS! Every year I think life can't POSSIBLY get any worse, and it ALWAYS DOES! And here are the lyrics I came up with about that:

What's the point of life? It's nothing but pain and strife! It's more painful than being cut by a sharp knife! And I'm telling you, it's nothing but garbage through and through!

(intrumental break)
It's the worst life of all time
It's nothing but a crime
It's more disgusting than slime
And I don't even know how to make it rhyme
And I don't even have a dime

(Next verse)
It's the absolute worst life ever
And it never gets better
It makes no sense whatsoever
No sense at all

(next verse)
Even when you think it can't possibly get any worse
It's always does, and that's because
It's the worst life of all time, and it's nothing but a crime
It's more disgusting than slime
I don't even know how to make it rhyme
And I don't even how a dime

(instrumental reprise)
It's the absolute worst life ever
And the worst part is, it never gets better
It makes no sense whatsoever
No sense at all

(next verse)
Even when you think it can't possibly get any worse
It's always does, and that's because
It's the absolute worst life of all time

I's nothing but a crime
It's more disgusting than slime
And I don't even know how to make it rhyme
And I don't even have a dime

And it's the absolute worst life, of all time

For the record this set to Once Upon a Time in New York City. Original lyrics:

How could anyone stay starry-eyed
When it's raining cats and dogs outside
And the rain is saying'
Now you're on your own?

(intrumental break)

(Next verse)
So Oliver, don't be scared
Though yesterday, no one cared
They're gettin' your place prepared
Where you wanna be

(next verse)
Keep your dream alive
Dreamin' is still how the strong survive
Once upon a time, in New York City

(instrumental reprise)
So Oliver, don't be scared
Though yesterday, no one cared
They're gettin' your place prepared
Where you wanna be

(next verse)
Keep your dream alive
Dreamin' is still how the strong survive
Once upon a time, in New York City

Keep your dream alive
Dreamin' is still how the strong survive
Once upon a time, in New York City

And it's always once upon a time, in New York City - visitor

Mitchell, it's not your fault everyone hates Liv and Maddie, everyone hated it before you were here - TwilightKitsune

@TwilightKitsune Oh sure, they hated it, but was it ALWAYS considered THE worst show ever? Only Neonco31 admitted the TRUTH about that. And then I found out he's never actually even SEEN the show. @DCfnaf I can't leave because then I don't have anything to do during the day. And I can't go back to Wikipedia because they STILL don't accept me there either. THAT'S why I would LOVE to delete my life forever. by the way I feel like RockFashionista left too. I haven't seen her in an entire week. Somehow SHE doesn't care about other people's opinions. But I DO! So in the end, all I can imagine is how much BETTER the world would be if I had NEVER been born. - visitor

So you won't be bored, you write long paragraphs about how much you hate your life. Wonderful. - DCfnaf

You're missing the point. It's MORE than just Liv and Maddie! In fact, I was suicidal YEARS before the show started! AND I was labeled a brat years before the show started. I said I have the worst life ever because:

EVERYONE hates me
NO ONE understands me AT ALL
I feel pain, misery, and guilt over EVERYTHING
I just KNOW the world WOULD be better off without me

In fact, I even remembered a list TheRandom once made, and went back to remix it. I just finished it: 65. So there. Now you KNOW I'm the WORST person EVER, AND the person with the worst LIFE ever! - visitor

Again, you aren't on the street starving. SO SHUT UP! - DCfnaf

Disney1994, Stop, Please, Is It So Hard To Understand? , - VideoGamefan5

Mitchell, I think you need to:
1. Calm. Down. I think that you are completely overreacting over all of this. If seeing Liv and Maddie or Teletubbies on worst lists gives you too much grief, I suggest taking some time off of this site.
2. Try talking with your parents about what you're going through emotionally. I know from experience that it's much more beneficial to personally speak with someone about your problems than just keeping it all self-contained. I have to say I'm very alarmed by your extreme self-hatred and I think it would be really good for you to have a long talk about it all with your parents.
3. Just accept that not everyone is going to like what you like. I know you hate it, but that's just how life is. I admit, I've gotten mad before at people not liking the same things I do, I think we all have at some point. However, I can't say I recall the last time I threw a full-on tantrum or thought about killing myself over it. Because I know not to let what someone else thinks affect my enjoyment over that thing. I say you should like, no, LOVE Liv and Maddie and Teletubbies as much as you want and just don't worry about what anyone else thinks. If someone tells you they don't like it, just shrug it off, move on with your day, and don't let it get to you. Believe me, I have struggled with the same thing when it comes to Splash Mountain, though much less extremely I should add.

I know you've garnered a lot of hate from this site, but despite the backlash, I don't think anyone here actually wants you to end your life. I certainly don't. I think that if you were to just take the advice I offered to heart, you would feel so much better. - SplashMoun10

You're annoying me. Be quiet. - Therandom

Mitchell, you gotta understand that these people are trying their absolute best to help you out here. I don't understand what it is that makes you feel so horrible about yourself. Other people's opinions DO NOT MATTER compared to your own. Please get that through your head. - Mcgillacuddy

Listen Mitchell, I may like stuff that other people hate such as Planes (2013), Ready Jet Go, Nature Cat, Amazing World of Gumball, Home on the Range, etc but you can't accept the fact that people have different opinions than you and not because of you. You treat Liv and Maddie, Teletubbies, Fox and the Hound, Frozen, iCarly, Victorious, Gordy and Oliver and Company like they're absolute precious gems that should be pwotected fwom nasty wasty hatews. (please note: I like fox and the hound, oliver and company, and icarly seasons 1-3) But you treat South Park, Gravity Falls, Family Guy, James and the Giant Peach, Harvey Beaks, and Avatar the Last Airbender like they are piles of crap from the depths of the Underworld who should destroyed upon sight JUST BECAUSE people like them and hate Liv and Maddie, Teletubbies, etc. At least I don't worship Avatar, Ready Jet Go, and South Park or do everything in my power to kill Family Guy, The Thundermans, Teen Titans Go, and Caillou. Also, people hate Sanjay and Craig WAY more than Liv and Maddie, even I do. Sanjay and Craig is disgusting and stupid. Liv and Maddie isn't the worst show ever either. It's not at the top of Worst Shows Ever. Just because it tops a few worst lists doesn't mean it's the worst show in the world. There are shows way worse such as all those crappy reality shows. I personally love Disney (NOT DISNEY CHANNEL), and even though I can't see why people hate it, I respect the opinions of those who do. I don't try to commit suicide if people like The Thundermans. Be glad you have a house and food, Mitchell. There are people in the world with way worse lives than you. People are suffering from poverty and hunger, and have no clothes to wear or house to live in, and yet you think you have the worst life ever just because some people hate Liv and Maddie. Plus, you freak out that Gordy has a bad score on IMDB. Some shows I like have bad scores on IMDB, but I'm at least thankful that my favorite PBS Kids show, Ready Jet Go, has a rating of 7/10 on the site. If bad IMDB scores and people hating stuff you like cause you to be suicidal, I suggest taking time off the internet, and maybe see a therapist. I admit that sometimes I can be like you too. I got REALLY mad when someone on YouTube said that Avatar: The Last Airbender (my favorite cartoon of all time) sucks, but then I shrugged it off and didn't reply to them. So you see Mitchell, you are free to like Liv and Maddie and Teletubbies as long as you don't let hate comments about them affect you, and you aren't extremely suicidal over them. - visitor

Imagine taking that list seriously. - Therandom

"Imagine taking that list seriously" which list? Reasons Why Different Opinions Suck or some other list? - visitor

Matt, you trigerred him - TwilightKitsune

Yeah, opinionsarenotwrong, QUIT COMPLAINING!, I Hate Mario Kart 8, Judy Hopps, Twenty One Pilots, The Song Watch Me And Silento, Rogue One A Star Wars Story, Temple Run, And Carrie Underwood, Suicide Squad, But Guess What? , Everyone In My Class Likes Those 8 Pieces Of Stinking Garbage, So You Shouldn't Feel Bad For Having Unpopular Opinions - VideoGamefan5

Oh and I also forgot amazing spiderman 2 and flappy bird - VideoGamefan5

Holy s***t this comment is longer than most of my posts. Wow. - AlphaQ

If you were paid on how much high quality your posts were you'd be richer than Warren Buffet - TwilightKitsune

I appreciate this comment. I mean...most of my posts are going to be reviews on games and movies simply because I want to practice doing what I want to do as a full on career. I love making these detailed posts the most. - DCfnaf

Good - JPK


If he thinks other opinions are wrong let him think that. You know they aren't, good for you. It's just bullying at this point. - ProPanda

Right. That's an excuse to put lists that crap out lies onto the internet. Thank you for changing my view on things, ProPanda...

Responding to a list is not the equivalent of bullying. I responded to one of AnimeDrawer's lists and do I think SHE is a terrible user? Of course not. Also, if he's allowed to make lists like that on this website, I can make posts like this. Pretty simple. - DCfnaf

ProPanda, I understand you're trying to stand up for a user who is being massively criticized by a majority of TheTopTens community, but can you really blame us for always getting pissed off whenever he keeps on whining about his self-hatred and SHOVES it down our throats? Honestly, I would be OBLIGED to leave Mitchell alone if it weren't for the fact that I'm one of the many people that he turns to in order to unleash a barrage of annoying long tangents about why his life sucks.

Trust me, I could keep my mouth shut like a door if it weren't for Mitchell always knocking on it. Now I'm not saying you're wrong to stand up for him, ProPanda. However, no matter how much we try to help him, he always has to go on a manchild rampage. Look, I even tried having a nice conversation with him without saying anything mean just so I could help him, but what did you guys tell me to do? Leave him alone. And so I did. What happens a few weeks later? He comes crying to me as if he just broke up with his girlfriend (even though he doesn't have one yet...).

And one last thing. To reiterate DCfnaf's point, this post is supposed to be CRITICISM, not harassment. I apologize if I sounded like a douchebag from this comment. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

And for the opinions are wrong thing, that entire ridiculous doctrine is the reason we have elitist fans and haters of certain media that can't respect other people's opinions that are the opposite of their own. Hold on, I just exactly described what Mitchell is like. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This entire post was criticism, not bullying. Do you really expect me to not be disgusted by someone who claims to have a worse life than terminaly ill, poor, or disabled people because people don't like a crappy teen sitcom? - visitor

Panda means well, it just comes off as wrong. What he means to say is Mitchell won't change so leave him alone, am I correct Panda? - TwilightKitsune

Ok, fair enough. But I need to clarify. He does not think other opinons are wrong. He thinks that all opinoins are wrong. So by always saying he thinks his are right isn't a true fact... - ProPanda

And Twilight, yeah basically. - ProPanda

Even though disney's comments on this post are incredibly stupid, Propanda has a point. - Therandom

Like I said, if he wants us to leave him alone, he needs to leave us alone first. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'll admit it. ProPanda's right. Apart from saying that mean comment about DisneyAnime1234's death and disrespecting people's opinions I think Disney1994 is a decent guy. I mean I don't know what he did wrong. He's like the Justin Bibero of the site. Everyone hates him for small reasons. I'm sure you've hated someone who hates something you like. Look opinionsarenotwrong. I HATE Tyga, Charlie Puth and the song Stimulated and everybody in my class likes the 3 pieces of garbage so you shouldn't feel bad about having unpopular opinions. I also hate Linkin Park (Stinkin F**) too. I think you should live 5 more years since people might start getting nice to you. In 2014 I was bullied so badly I thought the whole year was garbage. Now in early-2017 I'm treated nicely. See? Try it out. - AlphaQ

We're NOT Bullying Him - JPK

Note to Disney1994/opinionsarenotwrong:

*In the voice of Jorgen von Strangle* You want me to leave you alone? Well, it's simple. You leave ME alone, I leave YOU alone. Same thing goes for everyone else. You leave THEM alone, they leave YOU alone. Is that clear? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Cringe - Puga

My entire life is cringe so I'm used to comments like this - DCfnaf

Response to Mitchell - yeah, it was considered the worst show ever before you came - TwilightKitsune

@SplashMoun10. He was gonna respond to you but I deleted his comment. - DCfnaf

Can you give me an overview of what he said? - SplashMoun10

Something something I have the worst life ever something something ignoring advice something. - DCfnaf

Of course... - SplashMoun10

@opinionsarenotwrong any other comment of you whining like a child is not getting approved. - DCfnaf

To Mitchell McRae: Ravioli, ravioli, stop being so whiny-oli. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Lol. - visitor

5. They can be disturbing.
Oh boo hoo hoo, welcome to the real world! - visitor

Time to play that sad, sad song on that small, small violin. - DCfnaf

To opinionsarenotwrong:I actually watched Liv and Maddie before when I used to watch Disney Channel, and I found it really boring, unfunny, girly, and stereotypical. Also, I am a tomboy, I do not like those type of shows. I respect your opinion if you like it though. - visitor

It's funny since I actually think Sanjay and Craig is worse. And I've seen worse Disney Sitcoms than Liv and Maddie (ex. So Random, Shake It Up, Hannah Montana). - DCfnaf

Even after making two videos on him he's still doing the same thing over and over again doesn't surprise me at all. - visitor

It's sad that he doesn't listen to anyone's criticism. - DCfnaf

@DCfnaf "ONAW RAGE ABOUT DIFFFERENT OPINIONS" That's my wild guess. - visitor

Congrats. You are basically right. -_- - DCfnaf

Thanks - visitor

You're welcome ­čśé - DCfnaf

Human words can't describe how much OANW gets under my skin. - visitor

Alien words can't describe it for me. - DCfnaf


Sorry, I'm kinda bit rude. I'm just can't stand him. - visitor

I don't blame you though - DCfnaf

CAPS LOCK - LarrytheFairy

Opinions make you special, Ignore the hate! - pupcatdog

He made another bad list. You should check it out. I already made a post about it - visitor

Why did you waste your time responding to a troll - LarrytheFairy

Because I was such an awful user back when I made this ridiculous post. - DCfnaf

I think he wasn't considered a troll at that time. - visitor

Wow everyone forgot this. I remember the good ol' days we bashed Mitchell.. - TwilightKitsune

Disney was amazing.
No TTT troll will EVER be as good as him. He needs to become relevant again. - visitor

How did evertbosy fall for his trolling.

Glad he's irrelevant now - visitor