Top Ten Stupidest Facebook Quotes

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1 Told Dad that Today I Learnt What a Holocaust Was. He Wasn't Too Impressed with My Skills...

Full Quote: Told dad that today I learnt what a holocaust was. He wasn't too impressed with my skills :/ Even less impressed when I asked him whether it was the jews that killed the Nazi's or the other way around. :S oopps. Nazi's killed jews incase you forgot. :/ mum was very sympathetic about me thinking Hitler was only killed last year. She agrees that Hitler and Saddam Hussein sound very similar (: then when I was talking about Saddam I accidentally called him Barack Obama. Haha this is why I don't do history ^^ - EvanTheNerd

2 Canadians think that the titanic was a real event and not just a movie, how dumb can you be?
3 american flag and a weird looking parrot

Referring to a bald eagle. - EvanTheNerd

4 crazy how nature made dat.

Referring to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. - EvanTheNerd

5 Omggg, Soooo I don't like dolphins anymore!!  Squirrels are my new favorite reptile SOOOOO CUTTEEE!
6 dogs can't talk, so do they have brains? I mean I know they walk but it's only because we are telling them to walk?¿ #idk
7 Took a pregnancy test Says I'm 102% Pregnant!! I'm so excited!
8 was trapped on the escalator for hours.....power went out!
9 Goodbye America! Hello New York!
10 I can't believe the earth is 2014 years old! Happy Birthday Earth! - feeling blessed.
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12 3 years later and me and this stupid man get giddy over each other. We fart in each other's face, show each other the toilet paper we used to wiped our butts for s**** (heh) and giggles, and tell each other how they are our bestest friends. I am so lucky.
13 It's a Lion people it will attack..its in their human nature
14 I didn't know it was disrespectful to cuddle up my boyfriend, But 100% fine for my dad to sleep with my sister...
15 I wish I had cancer so Justin Bieber would come to me, kiss me on my cheeks, hug me, and call me his girlfriend...