The 5 Best and 5 Worst Episodes of Season 2

Gangem Season 2 of SpongeBob was a great season. It had lots of great episodes, but it had some bad ones too and here are the 5 best and worst of season 2
The 5 Best
5. Survival of the Idiots
A classic episode and the Dirty Dan scene is hilarious
4. Sailor Mouth
A funny episode which teaches kids not to swear
3. No Free Rides
Underrated and not very known, but it is a brilliant episode
2. FrankenDoodle
A classic episode and DoodleBob is a great one time character but he will return!
1. The Secret Box
An amazing episode with loads of great humor and it is very original
The 5 Worst
5. Pre-Hibernation Week
Sandy forced the citizens to look everywhere just so she could play with SpongeBob and destroyed houses too
4. Artist Unknown
Squidward was being very unlikeable in this episode and it is boring
3. Dumped
I don't know why people think it is sad, it is not funny either and is quite bad
2. I'm With Stupid
One of the worst pre movie episodes and Patrick is stupid in the episode
1. Grandma's Kisses
The worst episode of the season it was annoying and very unfunny
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