The 5 Best and 5 Worst Episodes of Season 4

Gangem Season 4 was the first season after The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, and the show went down after it. But season 4 was a great season, but it had bad episodes to and this is the 5 best and worst of season 4
The 5 Best:
5. Wishing You Well
The claustrophobic scene was great, and the rest of the episode was very good to
4. Squid Wood
Really underrated and overhated, I found it very funny and great
3. Dunces and Dragons
One of the best specials and I love the lost in time plot, the episode is very clever
2. Ghost Host
The best Flying Dutchman episode in my opinion and I found the ending very funny
1. Krusty Towers
This felt a lot like pre movie SpongeBob, and I did hear that it was meant for season 3, so that explains why
The 5 Worst:
5. All That Glitters
One of the most mean spirited episodes of the show, and SpongeBob naked was just very disturbing
4. Whale of a Birthday
Really, really really really really boring and felt plotless
3. New Leaf
I just really dislike this episode it was a episode where Mr. Krabs was a jerk
2. Rule of Dumb
Patrick is at his absolute worst in the episode it was super annoying
1. Good Neighbours
The worst Squidward Torture Porn the show has ever created
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