Top Ten Best Low Cost Airlines

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The Top Ten

Very good airline and ticket is also very cheap and you will get free meal during the flight and this airline is the best low cost airline in 2018 according to SKYTRAX - Haekalhakim

Norwegian air

One of the greatest low cossst airline I love the cabin the flight attendant the smooth landing and very cheap ticket with less of accidents - Haekalhakim


Best airline you will never get bored when using this great low cost airline with many of food selection in the menu with nice flight attendant with cool livery - Haekalhakim


A very good airline with many in flight entertaiment and good flight attendant and it has free wifi and T.V. and other entertaiment with many selection of destinations - Haekalhakim


It a good low cost airline but I thing you may be will get bored when traveling using this airline because there are no in flight entertaiment in this airline and there are no any meal service - Haekalhakim

Southwest Airlines

The largest low cost airline company in the world I like traveling using this airline it has good in flight entertaiment such as free wifi T.V. and other else entertaiment but there are no meal service in this airline - Haekalhakim

Azul Brazilian Airlines

A very good airline with very cheap ticket but there are something special about this airline there are no in flight entertaiment no wifi no T.V. and no meal service - Haekalhakim

Cebu Pacific

One of the largest airline in philippines and one of the best low cost airline in the world but there are no something special with this flight and there are so many accidents with this airline - Haekalhakim

I love Cebu Pacific but I hate air Asia, scoot and Norwegian airways.
Cebu Pacific should be number one!

Air Transat

A canadian low cost airline it main destinations is big cities in canada so it only serve domestic flight and there are no international flight on this airline nothing special but the ticket is very cheap - Haekalhakim


One of my favourite low cost airline this airline is very popular in the uk especially with traveller that like to use low cost airline like this one it has only have economy class so there are business class and there are no in flight entertaiment in this airline. - Haekalhakim

EasyJet is the cheap option for travel to Europe, it does have some delays but overall the customer satisfaction is 80%

Nice company, good customer service - Stasz1984