Dante's Inferno: Ring #2 (Stormrider)

IronSabbathPriest Gemcloben, McKing1003, and Virgil are teleported to a dark plain where a storm is brewing.

Gemcloben: Jesus! What is this place?!

McKing1003: I don't know... but I have a bad feeling about this.

suddenly, a terrible laughter fills the air a figure rides out of the darkness. The creature is half man, half creature, (maybe a werewolf)? The man is riding a black horse which has evil eyes and massive teeth. Behind them is a trail of darkness.

Virgil: Oh dear...

Stormrider: Welcome to hell! (Welcome To Hell by Venom plays).

Gemcloben: Now that sound is good.

McKing1003: Yep, metal rules!

Stormrider: Shut up!

Everything falls silent.

Gemcloben: Who are you?

Virgil: A spirit of the abyss. This Stormrider is from the planet known as Iced Earth, he was betrayed by religion, and the dark forces of nature used that to take control of him. And used him as their vessel to bring death and destruction to the planet. Iced Earth is a barren wasteland now. Everyone is dead, and the demons have moved on to a different world.

Stormrider: Yeah whatever, time to die!

The Stormrider moves in, the two toptenners are defenceless.

Who will be cut down by the Stormrider? And who will survive and travel to ring #9? You decide!

Vote in the comments for either Gemcloben or McKing to STAY.

The two people in the ring are not allowed to vote for themselves, however, they can vote for each other if they want to.


If you get any of the heavy metal references, good for you! - IronSabbathPriest

Iced earth. good one! And you also had death and destruction, dunno if that was deliberate. - gemcloben

Death and destruction actually wasn't deliberate. But yeah, Stormrider is an Iced Earth song, and they have a concept album where demons used the Stormrider as their weapon. - IronSabbathPriest

I am gonna make gemcloben stay, I don't know mcking that much. - DapperPickle

Gemcloben - Mumbizz01

Gemcloben Stay - Animefan12

Gemcloben! - Wolftail

I'm going to vote McKing1003 because everyone else is voting Gemcloben, and everyone deserves votes to stay. I still like Gemcloben, though. - Turkeyasylum

My vote goes to McKing1003, but gemcloben is a great user as well. - UltimateHybridX

I hate to do this! Agh! I feel like I'm favoring someone over another and I don't like doing that! But I have to vote for gemcloben to stay. - visitor

Gemcloben - 2storm