Dante's Inferno: Ring #4 (The Zombies)

IronSabbathPriest Before we begin, can I just say sorry that there hasn't been one of these posts in a while. My nan visited and then one thing led to another and we ended up in London. But I'm fine now! *Eye Twitches*
But yeah, it's the holidays now, so I should have these posts out more often. The next post will be out on Monday, so get voting!

Turkeyasylum: What are we gonna do?!

Mumbizz01: We need weapons!

Turkeyasylum: But where will we get them from!

Mumbizz01: Well, this is hell, so there must be some weapons somewhere.

Cerberus lunges at the two of them, and they split up. They both find two sharp wooden spears.

Mumbizz01: Look out!

Turkeyasylum tries to throw his spear but he is too slow and the creature pounces on him.

Mumbizz tries to throw his spear, but he misses. He then tries to run forward but Virgil clicks his fingers, and he is teleported to ring 9. Virgil then joins Animefan12 and Forever_Smiling13 in ring 4.

Animefan and Forever_Smiling13 are walking across the red ground when they hear a moaning noise. Forever_Smiling13 grins.

Animefan12: Why are you laughing?! This is serious!

Forever_Smiling13: Not for me! I've always wanted to come here and be the dark lord of this place! That is why I must defeat satan!

Animefan12: Whoa! Look at the caves, there's zombies coming out of them!

He is right. The caves surrounding them start spewing out (not literally) zombies. They could have once been human. But they did terrible things like say bad stuff about thetoptens. So they ended up in this state.

Forever_Smiling13: Uh, oh.

Animefan12: What shall we do?

Forever_Smiling13: We fight!

They both grab giant metal pikes from the ground and charge towards the zombies fearlessly. Several zombies are cut down, one is stabbed through the eye, one is stabbed through the mouth, but... one of the zombies has crept up behind one of the toptenners, but which one? You decide!

Vote in the comments for either Animefan12 or Forever_Smiling13 to STAY.


Turkey Asylum is dead now right? Anyway I vote for Anime Fan 12. - visitor

I like forever smiling 13 as well but I know Anime Fan12 a little better. Plus he has less votes. - visitor

I vote for Forever_Smiling13. - PetSounds

Forever_Smiling13 - Mumbizz01

Both are great, but I vote for Forever_Smiling13. - UltimateHybridX

Forever_Smiling13. - Turkeyasylum

Foreversmiling13 - Animefan12

Again, disturbing, I mean,14 year olds DYING? *shivers*
My vote goes to animefan. - DapperPickle

If ya ask me, being trapped in a tower forever would be more traumatic. - IronSabbathPriest

REFERENCE! - DapperPickle

IronSabbathPriest you have captured my personality perfectly! This was amazing! And my vote goes to Animefan12. - visitor

ARG! I'll choose fs13 - gemcloben