Dante's Inferno: Ring #6 (Gorgons)

IronSabbathPriest We return to our story:
SuperHyperdude: We have to get out of here!

DapperPickle: How? We're stuck in the middle of this acid river!

SuperHyperdude: Well, the trick is not to panic.

Suddenly, one of the flies does a dive bomb, knocks DapperPickle into the river, and he is gone within seconds.

SuperHyperdude: Oh, umm, ok.

Suddenly the flies change course, they fly right past SuperHyperdude, back through the cavern that SuperHyperdude and DapperPickle had used to get there.

SuperHyperdude looks upwards. There is no sky, just darkness above.

SuperHyperdude: I wonder what's up there...

Virgil (steps forward) Well you won't find out. There could be more giant flies up there, and you're needed elsewh...

THWACK! Virgil is nocked unconscious by a piece of wood from the raft, that SuperHyperdude is holding.

SuperHyperdude: Nah, you're alright.

The raft comes to a stop at the other side.

SuperHyperdude: Yay, great timing!

He runs of to the wall, and begins the long climb up.

Meanwhile in ring #6 of hell. PetSounds and Wolftail are teleported inside a maze. The walls are made of rock, with ancient Greek symbols carved into them.

PetSounds: It's dark in here. If only we had light.

Therandom: Over here.

Wolftail: Who are you?

Therandom: I'm Therandom, and I'm here to guide you through the maze.

PetSounds: Thank God for that!

Therandom: This way.

He leads PetSounds and Wolftail through the maze, until they get to the centre. Where a woman with a Black Veil is sitting on a chair.

Wolftail: Who is she?

Therandom: She is my mistress... Medusa.

PetSounds: What?!

Medusa: HA HA HA HA

Therandom: I'm sorry, but if I don't bring her victims, then she will kill me.

Medusa: That's right! I shall turn you to stone.

Medusa attempts to lift up her veil, but Therandom has a change of heart, and presses a hidden button on the wall, and part of the wall opens.

Therandom: Quick, go!

They run through the wall.

PetSounds: Why are we trusting you?

Therandom: I'm the only one besides Medusa who knows their way around here.

They take a shortcut down a hill, so they are under the maze. Little do they know...

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I vote Petsounds. - visitor

Vote for PetSounds or Wolftail. Therandom is a cameo. - IronSabbathPriest

Sorry, Wolftail, you're awesome but I'll go with PetSounds. - UltimateHybridX

I guess I got in a bit of a "pickle". Ba-dum-tss!
Anyway I will vote wolftail. Don't really know the two. - DapperPickle

Therandom, I know no one is going to vote for him. - Mumbizz01

I'm not in this, I'm making a cameo. - visitor

Well, mumbizz was right about not anyone else voting... - DapperPickle

PetSounds. - visitor

Wolftail, I like you PetSounds, but I just need to vote for someone that isn't geting enough votes. - Mumbizz01