Quick Updates (And An Introduction To New Followers)

IronSabbathPriest Well, I recently got 100 followers so cheers for that. Let me tell you (new followers) about myself:

I am a music nerd. I have 75 lists and about 50 of them are music related. My favourite genres are: metal, rock, and progressive.

However, I do do the odd TV show list, or games list, or miscelaneous list. So look out for them as well.

Let me tell you some stuff I have planned:

ISP's Favourite albums:
A series where I shall talk about 4 or 5 of my favourite albums in each episode. Also, every episode shall come out on saturday (GB time) and each episode shall have a theme. For example, this coming saturday, the theme shall be thrash metal.

Misheard Lyrics:
Self explanatory really. I'll take a song and just write the "misheard lyrics" for them. If you're a fan of finding true meanings of songs, you might enjoy the series.

Dante's Inferno:
I'm halfway through this series, I just want to apologise to anyone in it, that there haven't been any episodes recently. I have an english exam tomorrow, and a maths exam the day after.

Bad Band Reviews/Band Reviews:
I'm resuming the bad band reviews series, but I'm also gonna do band reviews. Which will be reserved for bands that I don't hate, but I have a few problems with.


Here's how it's gonna work: There will be 32 music artists, each divided in half into two brackets. The artists will then face each other inside their respective brackets, and the public (you) will vote for who wins. 32 will become the sweet sixteen, then the elite eight, the fab four, final round and the winner. The winner gets a studio album discography review done by me. If you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, then just watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhmu1KV5xZg

Well, that's about it really. If you have any more questions, you can message me, or you could make a "Questions for IronSabbathPriest" blog. Whatever you want.

I really appreciate the fact that you like my work. Stay awesome, stay safe, and stay metal. m/


Good job on getting 100 followers and it's good you gave updates on dante's inferno. Well, you have exams. We can't blame you for studying. - visitor

One hundred? I thought you had 100 already, well that's a surprise. - DapperPickle

Well, I got 100 about 3 days ago. - IronSabbathPriest

But I'm sure you'll overtake me. - IronSabbathPriest

Ah man, that music madness tournament sounded like my kind of idea! So the 2 brackets will have 16 each? - NuMetalManiak

Yeah, I need to find 32 music artists. And just randomely half them. - IronSabbathPriest

If you have trouble finding some, consult me. - NuMetalManiak

Good one. - FasterThanSonic

Yay! You finally got 100 followers. Now if we can have the other metalheads reach 100 followers... - Pony