2015 Music Madness Tournament FINAL ROUND!!!

IronSabbathPriest Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! Sorry this took so long to get out, today was supposed to be final results day. But then admin returned one of my posts and I wrote a letter to them. Which is in my posts if you want to see it. Anyway, I can now reveal that our two finalists are...


So two of the biggest metal bands are the top two. One of which will get their entire discography reviewed, the other will be forgotten like the rest I'm afraid.

I'll give you until tuesday to vote. So that's two and a half days. (GB time)


Metallica - LizardKing99

metallica - gemcloben


Huh. I was interested in seeing what the last round was. I'm not really interested in this genre, but I know Metallica... So Metallica has my vote. - Therandom

Anyways, I was wondering why the semifinals was Metallica vs Black Sabbath and Slayer vs Dream Theater... Why not Metallica vs Dream Theater and Black Sabbath vs Slayer so Metallica would get quite a great challenge in this round...

So yeah, Metallica got my vote, since yeah, they may have sold out, but we're talking metal bands here, not thrash metal bands and not about keeping true to their metal subgenre. They had a greater impact than Slayer in the whole of metal, and Metallica had unique songs in all the albums. Like, an album had this sound, and then the other album sounds different. With Slayer, they just practically recycled their ideas and had their songs practically similar to all the rest of their songs in the past.

So sorry, IronSabbathPriest, but the band you are trying to omit in this tournament gets my vote, and is going to win the match.


FYI, I only wanted to omit them because other bands won't stand a chance against them. - IronSabbathPriest

Yeah I know...I just wanted to have some fun commenting while voting... - visitor

Metallica - Shake_n_Bake13

Of course, Metallica - 05yusuf09