The Winner of 2015 Music Madness Tournament is...

IronSabbathPriest Welcome back guys! It's been 1 month, 9 days since we began Music Madness on the 1st June. And it's been fun. I might even do this again next year!

I can reveal, that the winner of 2015 Music Madness Tournament is...

(Dramatic Effect)

... Metallica

That's right. In the final round, Metallica beat Slayer an embarrassing 6-0.

Am I happy about this result? Did I want a certain band to win? No, not really. Metallica aren't my favourite band, but I still like them. I like all the bands who competed in the tournament.

So as promised, as a reward for their winning, I'm gonna review their entire album discography in seperate posts. This includes their current nine studio albums AND Lulu. I MIGHT also review Garage Inc and S&M. (No, not that kind of S&M, you sick pervert).

Before I let you go, I would like to thank these users:


These users have been constant voters throughout the series.

Expect the review of Metallica's debut, Kill 'Em All, to be up soon. Maybe not this weekend though, as I have something big planned. One of my oldest series is returning.

Thank you everyone for voting and making this a successfull tournament.


You're welcome - gemcloben

Metallica has quite an interesting discography, ranging from metal to rock, to cover songs, to collaboration. It sure will be interesting to do this. - NuMetalManiak