Most Beautiful Females Ever to Appear on Survivor

(v.2) These the most lovely women to have appeared on "Survivor," initially created chronologically.

Interested in hearing others' opinions and if further lovelies should be added.
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The Top Ten
1 Stacey Stillman

Originally from "Survivor: Borneo," this SF-based lawyer was the 3rd voted out.

2 Jenna Lewis

First cast on "Survivor: Borneo" and then the 3rd place finisher on "Survivor: All-Star," this mom of twin daughters made for nice viewing on both seasons.

3 Colleen Haskell

Originally on "Survivor: Borneo," she may have been the first "America's Sweetheart" in the Survivor franchise.

4 Kimmi Kappenberg

First cast on "Survivor: The Australian Outback" and later to return many years later on "Survivor: Cambodia" (Second Chances), this vegan provided many a nice scene when she wasn't arguing with her tribemates or bonding with chickens.

5 Alicia Calaway

Her first appearance on "Survivor: The Australian Outback" was memorable for her arguments with Kimmi, and she later returned in "Survivor: All-Stars."

6 Jerri Manthey

Arguably the first female villain in the Survivor franchise, she plotted her way through "Survivor: The Australian Outback" only to be blindsided, and later returned in "Survivor: All-Stars" and "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains," the latter season in which she placed 4th.

7 Amber Brkich

One of the beauties of "Survivor: The Australian Outback" and then later to win "Survivor: All-Stars" (where she met her future husband, Rob Mariano) and then appear on "Survivor: Winners at War."

8 Elisabeth Filarski

From 4th place on "Survivor: The Australian Outback" to "The View," this now-wife of Tim Hasselbeck made most scenes with her easy viewing on Survivor.

9 Jessie Camacho

Voted out 2nd from "Survivor: Africa," this former beauty queen-turned actress made too brief an appearance there.

Too short. This busty Latina was made to be naked.

10 Amanda Kimmel

Definitely this former beauty queen was made to be featured naked.

The Contenders
11 Lindsey Richter

She caused drama on "Survivor: Africa," but at the end of the day wasn't she a lovely contestant to gaze upon?

12 Alexis Jones

She advertises "That Girl" outside of Survivor.

On Survivor, she was "that girl" we'd like to see, bare.

To see her naked would be a dream.

13 Natalie White

Don't believe she deserved to win Samoa, but she definitely won a place in our hearts with her lovely, curvy figure.

A body made for sex.

14 Kelly Shinn

Purple Kelly. So underutilized. Her large natural breasts should have been featured so much more. Survivor made a major error.

What a figure! Would love to see her completely bare and lay her.

Purple Kelly, naked = Heaven.

15 Jaime Dugan

Pretty and with some of the most impressive breasts in any Survivor babe history.

16 RC Saint-Amour

If not for that bitch Abi-Maria, we might have gotten the opportunity to see even more of this lovely busty beauty.

What an incredible figure. No wonder Abi was jealous. Abi is a bag lady compared to hot lay RC.

17 Morgan McLeod

Pretty and well-curved, this lovely kajira was made to be in a bikini -- or less. Who wouldn't want to see her bouncing around on Survivor, again?

Good for one, maybe two things. Would love her on her back, impaled.

18 Julie Berry Blessed with stunning good looks and exquisite curves, Julie went bare on "Survivor: Vanuatu - Islands of Fire" and finished 5th.

When you get naked on Survivor and get to date Jeff Probst, you know you're a hot babe.

19 Peih-Gee Law

Another lovely from China who was made to be displayed, naked.

20 Kim Powers Kim Powers was originally on "Survivor: Africa," and despite being on the wrong side of the power alliance (after the first-ever tribe switch), managed a sixth-place finish. She later married Alex Bell of "Survivor: The Amazon."
21 Penny Ramsey Penny used her wiles to be one of the last Sook Jai members voted out, finishing in 7th place on "Survivor: Thailand."
22 Heidi Strobel While there is no doubt that this lovely enhanced beauty had the highest IQ out on "Survivor: The Amazon," she used her wiles to seize 5th place (despite her false breasts looking obvious as she suffered great weight loss).
23 Michelle Tesauro Michelle went from innocent to outspoken and became the third voted out in "Survivor: Pearl Islands."
24 Cindy Hall

Cindy was never given much exposure, but you can definitely see her large natural breasts bouncing in some scenes during the Guatemala experience.

If you watch Guatemala carefully, you can catch a few scenes of her jiggle. Wow!

25 Jaclyn Schultz

Another lovely busty beauty who was made to wear the Survivor bikini.

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