Top 10 Characters Book: Jindřich uprostřed středověku

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The Top Ten
1 Leviathan
2 Kašanaj (Satyr)
3 Bridošanaj
4 Horse
5 Tocatreba (Dryad)
6 Mariana

And a little snippet about the character:
A girl with a crossbow and a quiver full of arrows. A girl with morning light in irises, a hunter in a dress - a gray shirt with a slightly provocative cut and brown shorts.

Fantastic mysterious character ;) George from Kozak :)

7 Jindřich
8 Belibej
9 Sipux
10 Sipegafo
The Contenders
11 Johan
12 Buxolot
13 Young Drunkard
14 Deer Female
15 Brown Horse
16 White-Tailed Eagle