Most Popular Miraculous Love Hexagon Ships

When Luka and Kagami were introduced as potential love interests for Mari and Adrien, the love square became a love hexagon. Between the six characters, which ships are your favourites?
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The Top Ten
1 Ladybug and Chat Noir

Why is this one the first?

2 Ladybug and Adrien
3 Marinette and Chat Noir
4 Ladybug and Luka
5 Marinette and Adrien

Just three words: the umbrella scene.

Why is it so low I still don’t get it!

Why is this so low 🙄. Wait WHY IS LADYBUG x LUKA BEFORE ADRIENETTE! This is the best ship in the fandom

6 Ladybug and Kagami
7 Marinette and Luka

I ship it a little bit

8 Marinette and Kagami
9 Luka and Kagami
10 Chat Noir and Luka
The Contenders
11 Chat Noir and Kagami
12 Adrien and Luka
13 Adrien and Kagami