Updated Facts About Kevinsidis Part 2

I know, there are at least 4 fact lists about me including this list. So maybe this is a bit too much.. I just feel like this list is necessary, that's all.
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1 I am a cynic

Yes, I believe that every human being is corrupted including you and I. It doesn't matter if you're either good or bad, all that matters is that everybody has a bit of corruption in their nature. Besides, I don't really like people that much because of my personal experiences around people, they make me sick. But I'm not some sort of a sociopath (thank God) and I tend to be highly empathetic to people though it really depends. I became a cynic near the end of 2019 because it's much similar what I've been going through recently. I've been wronged by the school's administration all over a stupid school rumor and that's simply when I've had it! - Kevinsidis

2 My eldest brother has a degree in civil engineering

My eldest brother turns out to be pretty smart. He is a consistent straight A's student and I'm pretty sure he's smart on some other things. He earned his civil engineering degree in 2013 back in El Salvador and came to this country a year later. Sadly, he didn't work as a civil engineer. Instead, he works as a construction worker like my father. - Kevinsidis

3 My father quitted High School

He quitted High School at 9th grade to work at construction like his father did. He even built his first house at age 14. His father taught him everything he knows and how to work with his hands. My father remains as a construction worker to this day. I've actually had work experience thanks to him.

High School was so hard to me, so I feel pretty identified with this item.


good grammar

4 I was born in Atlanta, Georgia

Simple. The sacred city I was born at. - Kevinsidis

5 I would've been on Band

I would've been on the middle school band at first and I would've been a fine clarinet player, but that didn't happen because of this mood swing of mine that prevented me to be a clarinet player and most of all on Band. I was rather a terrific flutophone player back in 6th grade (it was one of my exploratory classes). - Kevinsidis

6 I usually speak in a random language at times

It's rather much gibberish most of the time. I pretty much speak German gibberish, Russian Gibberish, Mandarin gibberish, and Japanese gibberish. I speak any of these gibberish languages whenever I am filled with joy, whenever I am in pain, whenever I am angry, and pretty much for fun.

7 I possibly may be White Salvadoran

I keep saying and I keep thinking to myself that I could be white and that I am not at all Hispanic. After all, I am a Salvadoran born upon the soils of the United States of America and I believe that I am Turkish descent just like what my mother told me. But there is this one peculiar detail I cannot ignore and that is some of my family members have blonde hair and blue eyes while the rest of my family members have brown or black hair and brown eyes. I am light skinned and I have pure black hair (My hair was brown before) and my eyes are very dark brown.

I definitely may be mixed

8 I always watch Films and TV shows on subtitles

It's kinda weird when I watch films (especially at theatres) and TV shows without subtitles. Watching them with subtitles keeps good track of what they're really saying.

That makes sense. With some movies a misheard line could change your whole perception of the scene.

9 I was bad at mathematics

Math wasn't exactly my expertise nor was it my favorite subject. But that all changed when I was in 5th grade. It was all thanks to the Sumdog learning website and it was all thanks to my Extended Day (After school program) teacher Ms. Kozak who made us do Sumdog on a school daily basis. I am forever grateful of her.

Mathematics has always been my best subject.

7th grade was the worst year for math, in my opinion. I nearly failed a couple of times.

10 I am a femboy

This means I feel ultra feminine in some sort of way and I feel ultra feminine energy radiating and shining through me. I am simply not dysphoric, but rather leaning towards gay. Though as a bisexual myself, I still can't tell who I truly lean towards the most, nonetheless. I actually desire to wear feminine clothes like women's panties, skirts, and knee high socks. I find these features very attractive and I desire for these to wear these feminine clothes. Though I wear panties at times and man I feel confident and so good.

OH MY GOD, I also want to wear these cute girl athletic shorts!

This is no phase at all. Femininity is infinitely radiant and natural :P

Cool. One of my closest friends in real life is a femboy as well, so hey, more power to you. I'm probably the opposite (masculine girl/tomboy).

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11 I am INFJ

I am a turbulent advocate and the results I got seems to be really accurate. It makes sense because my emotions tend to triumph over my rationality and it has lead me to make bad decisions out of poor judgement. Let's just say I am not a rational person all the time and I don't tend to be the supersmart rational person and that is OK. It's natural to not be rational at times. Though, I believe that I might be a hybrid of INFJ and INTJ. I say INTJ because I admit I am a deep thinker and I tend to think critically at times in some way.

12 I never get to see my Grandparents on my life before they died

On my father's side. I've heard a lot of cool things about my grandfather than about my grandmother. They died on the same month and year of October 2013. It breaks my heart... - Kevinsidis

That’s sad to hear. - Powell

13 My grandfather is a war veteran

well he served not only in the futbol war at the time where we was in the military but rather later in the salvadoran civil war where he conducted covert ops of his own recruited men

He fought in the Futbol war (please don't get me started with this. He was only doing his duty and the government forced him to fight.) and he was pretty much in the Marines and the Army back in his time. But mostly for his combat role, he was a Platoon leader and his rank is corporal.

My great-great-grandfather got a bronze medal for bravery in WWI

14 I'm a democratic socialist

I believe the purest extents and intentions of capitalism is pure corruption and chaos. Capitalism is mainly why America has seized to live up to the logical and moral standards for the people and public good. That's why I think democratic socialism should overthrow capitalism and establish itself as a form of government.

15 I was planning to become a marine

It was rather my last resort towards finding a career that would fulfill my purpose in this life. But that wasn't until a grade later in 7th grade that I wanted to become a scientist (theoretical physicist) in the future. Besides, I don't think they'll take me in because I'm sorta out of shape (?) and I'm not sane. However weeks ago, I was planning on becoming a special forces soldier. But it's gonna be the same thing even though it's elite because of my physical self and mental self. Being special forces is all a dream all because of GRAW.