Question Kevinsidis Has for the Users of TheTopTens Part 2

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The Top Ten
1 Do you like science?

Eh... kinda. I like Biology.

2 What's your favourite music genres?

Death Metal and all the noisy music in the world.

Everything from soft rock to Extreme metal is great for me, but my favourite genre is Alternative Metal

Alternative, Metal, Pop, Pop Punk, some Rap, and Hard Rock.

3 What lists do you like the most from me?
4 Do you speak any languages?

English australian british and american

No I can’t speak any languages. (Actually I can speak English and Danish).

Spanish and English

5 Do you admire the personality in me or the content I provide?
6 What are your pet peeves?

I have a lot. Probably long lunch lines.

region-locked video games, it gets on my nerves & peeves me because region-locked video games & gaming restricted to one specific region makes no economical sense, region-locked video games limits what video games could be & regional locked free video games express themselves more than regional locked ones

7 Do you like me as a person?
8 What's the rating of me
9 What are the countries you wanna go to in this world?

I’d love to visit Germany, USA, UK, or Canada. They seem like nice places to visit.

10 Which one do you like the most about me?