I guess we have to wait until 2017..😧

MLPFan It turns out Liv and Maddie isn't cancelled yet. Season 4 is still going until 2017. At least that 2017 is quiet soon, even that It's on Spring(still on the first half of the year) AND this is the final season.
I don't know am I sad that the show is still airing or am I happy that It's getting cancelled soon..
Apologies for bringing everyone's hopes up,
P.S: My bad..😟


NOO - TwilightKitsune

Crud. That show is still going after three years... - visitor

I just hope they won't make Liv and Maddie II: College-a-Rooney... *shrugs* - MLPFan

If I were Disney, NOO! - Neonco31