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MLPFan Requested by: TwilightKitsune (also check her 'Ask TwilightKitsune' post out! 😃)
So ask any question you want me to answer. But please remember however, Do not ask questions about personal information like my home address, what school I go to, or any questions relating to personal life.
Thank you and enjoy! 😊


How do you say 'Serena looks ugly and her fans are stupid and can I have pizza please' in Indonesian? - TwilightKitsune

How you say that..
'Serena tampak jelek dan penggemar-penggemarnya bodoh dan apa saya boleh makan pizza? '
*as a substitution, you can replace the third 'dan' with 'serta'. But that's not really a big deal - MLPFan

Favourite bands? Mine are Three Days Grace and Imagine Dragons? - TwilightKitsune

For western ones, I like Maroon 5, One Republic and Coldplay - MLPFan

When you first time like Puella Magi Madoka Magica? - visitor

After I watch the 1st episode. But at the end of episode 3, I like the anime a lot more. At first(back then, before they change the age rating in MAL to PG-13, In MAL from 2011-early 2016, It was R-17+ for violence and profanity). By the end of ep.3, I figured out why It was rated R-17+ - MLPFan

Why does the president of Indonesia look like Joko Widodo? Lol. - TwilightKitsune

The president of Indonesia is Joko Widodo. He is a good president though 😊 - MLPFan

Do you like 1cak? - visitor

I don't know. What's 1cak? - MLPFan

It's a site of memes - visitor

Can you translate "miraculous" in Indonesia? - visitor

Miraculous would mean 'menakjubkan' - MLPFan

Miraculous would mean 'menakjubkan' - MLPFan

Miraculous also mean "keajaiban" in Indonesia - visitor

How are you gonna celebrate 100 followers? - visitor

I'm making a post of it now 😄 - MLPFan

Why does The Rock look like Dwayne Johnson? - TwilightKitsune

I don't know.. - MLPFan

Favorite memes? - TwilightKitsune

The troll. It's great to have him around - MLPFan

Have you ever wondered if your future self is watching you through her memories? - TwilightKitsune

I guess so. Not really - MLPFan

Can you say this in Indonesia
"Serena should deserved more hate and get scrapped forever'. - visitor

Like this:
'Serena pantas mendapat lebih banyak benci dan sebaiknya dibuang selamanya' - MLPFan

If Timothy has 45 chocolates and gives 30 to Bob, what was Michael Jackson's hair color during World War 2? - visitor

I don't know...chocolate brown? - MLPFan

Hello, Mlpfan!
Me and you hate Danny Phantom so much!
I don't get it why people said "Danny Phantom is the best show! ", then, why in IMDB review, Danny Phantom ranked 7,1 stars and Miraculous Ladybug ranked 8,6 stars?

Lol, I hope DP fangirls are mad because DP has lowest stars than Miraculous Ladybug - visitor

I agree with you! 😆
to be honest, I never really liked the show It self - MLPFan


1. Have you ever been to Britain?
2. Can I sell my car to buy oil?
3. Which countries have you been to for Holidays? Which countries do you want to go to? - TwilightKitsune

1) No. Wish I can
2)I guess so
3)Been to, none. But I want to go to Britain, America, Singapore, South Korea and Japan (Weeb haters: SHUT UP YOU WEEB! ) - MLPFan

Sartika, you gonna answer these or wut - TwilightKitsune

Already have - MLPFan

Will you do face reveal? Or not? - visitor

No, I won't do a face reveal as this is the Internet - MLPFan

Why you hate Danny Phantom (I expect long rant here)? - visitor

The characters. I find a lot of them as annoying. Danny also. He was a terrible excuse for a main character. The moment he became a ghost was cool, but other than that, he's just a really unlikeable character to me. He thinks he's hot when he's not, while a lot of characters from other universes are also the kind of character whose life changed because of one faithful "accident", a lot of them were a lot more developed than how Danny has so far. A good example of another character whose life was changed from an accident is Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul(no, I am not being a weeb. I'm just saying that I find Ken better than Danny)
The episodes were also quiet obnoxious to me, and were simply forgetable :v
The show also seems to be trying to hard to seem edgy and dark, but It was a 'no' from me
And the fanbase. Note, while this doesn't necessarily mean everyone who likes Danny Phantom, as some can be nice, in fact can be very nice friends. But I'm particularly going to mention the DP fangirls. So they make gross fanart of Danny only wearing undergarnments (like that Briefs or Boxers fanart you once found in the) and they all act like "! I love dAnnY fEntOn sO mUch anD I wAnt hIs bAbBys! ". Most of his fans are around the age of stereotypical rabid Beliebers and Directioners. Some are even older than Danny, In fact OLD ENOUGH to be considered as legal adults(I've saw some), wouldn't they be pedophiles, then?
The story may seem interesting in the outside and I thought the premise sounded quiet good, so It would've been an OK, In fact an excellent show(at least in my opinion), but they have to take away the chance on doing so by using character stereotypes, school life clichès and mix them with campy "horror" stories that aren't even scary. Well, that's just my opinion, though...😊 - MLPFan

I like Danny Phantom, but I respect your opinion - TwilightKitsune

Ok, thank you 😊 - MLPFan

Top 5 favorite users? - TwilightKitsune

5 - Firewasp2004
4 - Chatnoirfan18
3 - Modern Spongebob Sucks
2 - Absolite
And one is...Wait, Isn't It obvious who? It's
1 - TwilightKitsune!

Honorable mentions would be:
5 - 766925
4 - FrozenHatingPokefan
3 - Cupcakes22
2 - AnimeDrawer
1 - Carsrule300 - MLPFan

What do you think about Randy from Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja? - visitor

I think he's a great person. He's generally bubbly and outgoing, but he can be serious and responsible when he does his duties as the ninja. It's been a long time since I last watched the show, though. I haven't watch Disney lately 😊 - MLPFan

Have you heard "Rotten to the Core" and "Ways To Be Wicked"? - visitor

Oh, those Descendants extras? Yeah, I did. I liked the firsts movie, haven't saw the ones you mentioned, But yes It's true. I did like the first movie and I want to see the sequel - MLPFan

Have you heard a show named GrojBand? - visitor

Nope - MLPFan

GrojBand is a Canadian cartoon about a kid named Corey (a blue-haired boy) and his garage band along with his friends Laney (redhead girl), Kin (the nerdy boy), and Kon (the fat guy).
Their songs are good. They are good at music instruments, but awful at writing lyrics.
So, Corey decided to making a lyrics by steals his sadistic, cruel sister, Trina (a pink-haired girl)'s diary book and put all her entries as lyrics.
In Indonesia, it was on HBO Family. - visitor

You also can watch GrojBand on Netflix. - visitor

Have you watched RWBY and WITCH? - TwilightKitsune

No. What are those? I did saw a RWBY list you made, though - MLPFan

RWBY is a Western animation kinda like anime. You should watch it, you'll love it.

WITCH is an Italian show also like anime, Winx Club ripped it off, but believe me, it's awesome.

If I had to choose between the two, I'd go for RWBY. - TwilightKitsune

I've heard of both of these! I used to like WITCH back then - visitor

Rant about:
•Sam Manson.
•Paulina Sanchez.
•Dash Baxter. - visitor

What are your thoughts on Kamichama Karin and Pita Ten (anime & manga)? - visitor

Haven't saw/read them. I'll try to watch KK soon after I have time. - MLPFan

Thought about Nagito Komaeda? - visitor

He's an interesting character and he deserved his popularity. People may call him overrated, but I think he certainly got up to my expectations for him. Unlike Chiaki (plzdon'tkillme) who is super popular just because of waifubait powers (seriously, her personality was bland and she was at her worst in the DR3 Despair anime) - MLPFan

Yeah, wherever I saw many videos of DR3, I always found comments like "CHIAKI! WE MISS U! while Nagito is forgotten. Poor Nagito :'( - visitor

My brother is a big fan of Chiaki (he loves games,so It's obvious he'd be a fan of any gamer character) and he would go like "It's so sad when Chiaki died. Danganronpa was cruel for killing the precious cinnamon roll" seriously? Many, And by many MANY people died In Danganronpa. Especially in V3 where only 3 people out of 16 survived! He didn't cared so much when other characters died, but when Chiaki died he called the Danganronpa universe cruel. Nagito was a lot better than Chiaki. And Kirigiri is better than Chiaki anyway. But even that Chiaki was very bland and was annoying af in the DR3 despair anime, she's still better than Maizono whose annoying af - MLPFan

Which Seraph Of The End characters do you have a crush on? - TwilightKitsune

Mikaela. Oh well, can we share him? He's so cute - MLPFan

Mikaela. Oh well, can we share him? He's so cute - MLPFan

When are you gonna do that Emilia rant? - TwilightKitsune

Soon - MLPFan

They finally ended Dork Diaries - TwilightKitsune


Do you watch Miraculous Ladybug? God I've been hooked on it - TwilightKitsune

I might watch it soon with RWBY. I'll try to watch the first episode of RWBY on RoosterTeeth's youtube channel but I dunno where to watch Miraculous. What network do u use? - MLPFan

It's also on YouTube. Everything is there nowadays. - TwilightKitsune

Where can I watch Blue Exorcist? I use a phone by the way - TwilightKitsune

Here is a short and a long answer. Feel free to choose which one to take but please do have some thoughts before thinking:

Here's the long answer.
First of all, the Blue Exorcist anime was one of the most disappointing animes based from manga. Why am I saying this? It may not be a necessarrily bad adaption, but It failed to be as good as the manga and butchered character development. Instead of making the characters act like their actual personalities that even are based from archtypes, had quirks, likable backstories and some other traits that differ them from most others from the same archtype like how the manga did, the anime was too lazy to follow the manga's steps in characterizations and took lazy shortcuts by making them act more stereotypical. I mean, Shiemi was awesome at the manga! She may be mary sueish, but she was likable and was a great character! In the anime, all she was is just an annoying, useless mary sue. Shiemi turned from a great female lead into a Lenalee (D-Gray man) clone with shorter blond hair.
[SPOILERS AHEAD Just skip to the end of the spoilers: In the first season, they chose to stray with their own story using the last 8 episodes (season 1 had 25 episodes) In that arc, we got to know about the anime's version of the Blue Knight incident that murdered many high priests and exorcists in the world and destroyed the Suguro Buddhist temple and murdered Rin and Yukio's mother, Yuri Egin who was apparently, in love with Satan. The manga had an arc about the blue knight incident and had many high class exorcists and priests murdered, the Suguro temple destroyed and the Okumura twins' unnamed mother was also murdered for giving birth to the twins who are related to Satan, yet it was on the later parts of the manga series and I haven't read that far. Just finished the Kraken arc. But the choice of the directors of the 1st season was disappointing and made manga readers angry]
To conclude, the anime's ok. But I rather recommend the manga. I buy the mangas from bookstores but here's a site you could use for the manga:
You can use gogoanime or kissanime for the anime version. But the anime only adapted a few early arcs of the manga

Short answer:
If you just wanted a one or two time watch of the series, go for the anime.
But If you want to be hooked up with the series and love the characters, go for the manga - MLPFan

Did you ever watch a show as a kid and love it, but when you grew up you realised it was so dark it made you CRY? Happened to me with Code Lyoko. I loved it as a kid like when I was 6 but never got to see its ending. Last night I just randomly remembered it and looked up the ending on Wikipedia and then I realized how dark it was. I also found out a lot of other sad things about it my 6 year old self couldn't understand. Aelita's backstory was my breaking point. - TwilightKitsune

Really?! - MLPFan

Yep. Try Code Lyoko for yourself. It's an animesque French Animation - TwilightKitsune

Do you watch The Ancient Magus Bride? I started watching it and I love it. It's like Beauty and the Beast except it takes place in England (SHOUTOUT TO MY HOME COUNTRY) and it's anime - TwilightKitsune

Haven't seen it - MLPFan

So I have seen people say sayakas wish was stupid and selfish so what is your opinion on it and why - Greninjafan127