Make A Teen Titans Go Episode!

MLPFan Hello everyone, so In this post we all will make our very own Teen Titans Go! Episode with our own imagination and sense of humor. The rules are very simple!
1)Make It random
2)Choose a title that has really nothing to do with the episode
3)Have fun!
Here are the instructions:
1)Write the plot, pretty much ANYTHING in mind
2)Make It as stupid as you can
3)Most of the episode MUST be about the titans doing something stupid
4)Make the title, as pointless as you can(In other words, has barely anything to do with the episode)
So here Is mine!(based on a real life event I had earlier)
Title: Ice sculpture
Plot: The titans were trying to make a slushy with a slushy maker cup, but they placed the slushy to the fridge. And then, the drink ended up to freeze as a whole and they have to carve it to eat it. Later, they found out that they could've just squeezed the silicone cup once they poured the drink instead of placing it in the fridge. And they all did a facepalm.


Episode Title: Adolf Hitler

Plot: The Titans make a movie called Frozen. It is about two sisters who live in Arendelle. - TwilightKitsune

Nice! Confusing most "fan"made episodes of TTG are better than the actual ones, In TTG, there was an episode named Caramel Apples when It had nothing to do with Caramel OR Apples! - MLPFan

pieface. - Survive