Why I Hate Len x Tei (NFSW)

MLPFan WARNING: This post contains sexual references, mentions of pedophilia, mentions of raping minors and some slight mentions of necrophilia. Please proceed with caution. Those who aren't comfortable with such content are recommended to not proceed. Thank you,

Hello, everyone! I'm MLPFan and I'm going to point out the reasons of why I hate Len x Tei. Now I have also locked my doors and my windows so Tei won't try to come in and kill me. I also have a knife with me for self defense 🔪

First of all, Tei is TOO OLD for Len. Well, not THAT OLD, but still.
Tei x Len shipper: but according to a confession you made on the toptenner confessions post you made, you ship Yukio x Shura. Yukio is 15 and Shura is 26. They're 11 years apart while Len x Tei is only 5 years apart. How come you say Tei is a pedo, and Shura x Yukio isn't pedophillia?! The heck?!
Yes, I know It's purely wrong to ship a 15 year old boy who only turns out to look like a legal adult with a 26 year old women, and I'm trying to cleanse my soul now also. And yes, If you think of It this point is a bit biased. Punish me ._. But no, The whole post isn't biased :v

Second, In Tei's version of Len Kyun Now! She said she wanted to RAPE LEN. And then she said that she wants to "get in the bed" (ya know what I'm saying, right?) with him. Now isn't that a bit freaky?
Tei x Len shipper: Well, that Is a bit creepy.. But where did you got that one?
Link to said video
Not only that, she also said wanted to ecstasy in Len's pants, and make him look at "fanservicey" images of her online.

Third, I don't think Len would want an obsessive, sexually desperate girl whose that DESPERATE into masturbating and trying to rape a 14 year old kid (and would kill anyone who tries to hang out with Len)
Tei x Len shipper: S-she doesn't do that! What makes you THINK SO?!
Well, she said she wanted to rape him.. so Isn't It obvious?

Fourth, their voices don't match. Same like Kaito and Miku. Len's voice is cute, childish and gives more shota appeal to him. While Tei has a rather robotic voice.
Tei x Len: Voice differences don't matter! Just shut up! I think the only REAL reason why you hate Tei x Len is because It gets In the way of your stupid Len fangirl fantasies of Len in his booty shorts! And stop antagonizing Tei!
Okay, that was just purely absurd AND ludicrous. If that was the only reason I hate Tei x Len, then I would just keep quiet. But I actually have reasons and the right to dislike the ship. And It gets in the way of me fantasizing Len in bootyshorts? Really? Oh and also,I DON'T actually HATE Tei, I'm starting to like her a bit. I just dislike Len x Tei. That's It.

Fifth, I dislike Yandere ships (Except Yuno x Yuki. Which I don't mind, but almost every other yandere ship!)
Tei x Len shipper: Tei actually hates killing! And Len makes Tei feel like a normal girl and less of a monster. She just can't control her jealousy! Why won't you feel bad for her?!
Yes, I do feel bad for Tei and I think she's in a way a bit relatable (except I don't kill or hurt people) but I also feel bad for Len. He's too young to deal something that far. And If Len doesn't like Tei anymore or Len hangs out with his fangirls, you know where it'll end up going. Len ends up either in a grave or locked up in Tei's cellar for life and Tei either gets arrested or would spend the rest of her life in a cellar (or turning into necrophiliac if she killed Len AND chain his dead body in her cellar). So both would end up being miserable .-.

Sixth (this one is fully subjective) It's just awkward.. besides, I think that Len is better off hanging out with his sister, I don't think he's ready to be in an actual romantic relationship. And no, don't even think about Len being in a yaoi ship. Since I think Len is straight (In my opinion, okay? How the vocaloids act,their relationships and sexual orientations are pretty much open for interpretation)

Oh well, as much as I hate this ship, It's better than Len x Mary sue!Wish fulfillment!OC. Heck, I'm going to try to make a mary sue OC whose only purpose is only to be paired up with Len and be a total godmode sue. Though It's just a joke OC, so don't take it too seriously. And I might make a post about how I got pictures to my posts soon. So goodbye for now! 😊

Poor Len ;-;


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