"Mein Freund der Baum" English Translation (Probably the saddest song I ever heard)

Martin_Canine I wanted to share the sheer emotionality of “Mein Freund der Baum”, so I created an English translation. Of course you can’t translate a poetic song accurately with the same impact, but I hope the combination of the music, Alexandra’s voice and the content is enough to give an impression why this song made me cry.




I was looking forward to see you again
My old friend from childhood days
I had some things to tell you
And knew you would understand me

As a little girl I already used to come to you
With all the infant sorrows
I felt so safe with you
And all the sadness flew away
I cried into your arm
You used to caress my hair with your green leaves
My old friend

My friend the tree
...is dead
He fell in the early dawn

You fell this morning, I came too late
You will never again cradle in the wind
You must lie there on the way cut down
And someone who walks by…

...doesn’t notice the rest of life
And pulls on your green branches
Who sink to the ground, dying
Who will now give me comfort
That I found in your shades?
My best friend is lost to me
Who was connected with me through childhood

My friend the tree
...is dead
He fell in the early dawn

Soon a house of glass and stone will grow
There were he was cut down
Soon grey walls will emerge
There where he lies in the sunshine

Maybe there will be a miracle
I will secretly wait for it
Maybe in front of the house a garden will be blooming
And he will resurrect with new life
But then he’ll still be weak and little
And even if many years will go by
He will never be the same

My friend the tree
...is dead
He fell in the early dawn