YouTube Review #7: Waffles: Animated Music Video: MrWeeble

Martinglez So today we are reviewing a music video for waffles.
So let's start by looking at the lyrics. I'm talking waffles/Belgian or potato waffles/Look in front of you NOW/Do you have a waffle?/Wouldn't you be happier if you did? I would be happier if it was sugar free, but anyone would be happier. I'm talking waffles/Belgian and potato/All kinds taste great, oh yes they do/Cause they are waffles/Invented by Gandhi. Wait a sec.
(Types Mahatma Ghandi on wikipedia)
Nope, he certainly did not invent waffles. And if he did, why would he? To make himself suffer more on hunger protests?
(No i did not really take it literaly)
Why not keep several handy?/For moments when you need/ WAFFLES/wiffile waffle waffle-bowl/wiffiles waffle waffle wal- waffles waffles waffles waffles!
Okay, this can get annoying quickly. I mean this is a standard song you can find on YouTube, compared to other videos of this style it's good (Narwals is MUCH worse). Still better than the Teen Titans Go! episode "Waffles". This at least made me laugh once in one minute, that's longer and didn't make me laugh once. Plus it's "Waffles" song is much worse.
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"Everything wrong with Dragon Ball Evolution"from the channel cinema sins. - Skullkid755

Fantastic - bobbythebrony

Did you see the same one I've seen. That one had a Spongebob waffle, waffle sex and the characters from pulp fiction as waffles - bobbythebrony

How did it not mension that? That was the time I laughed - Martinglez