Top Ten Zelda Breath of the Wild Shields

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The Top Ten
1 Hylian Shield

The iconic shield from the entire series. It is absolutely beautiful, and is the most durable shield in the entire game. - MasterLink

2 Daybreaker

This is the shield used by the Gerudo Champion Urbosa. It is very durable, and the design is beautiful. - MasterLink

3 Savage Lynel Shield

It has really good defence, and the front of it are basically huge blades, so you can do damage by parrying it into enemies. - MasterLink

4 Ancient Shield

It can deflect Ancient Energy beams from Guardians without even having to parry. - MasterLink

5 Royal Shield

Quite unusual design. - MasterLink

6 Radiant Shield

This shield is just beautiful, but it is not as durable as the Daybreaker. - MasterLink

7 Knight’s Shield

It has fairly good defence, but does look a bit tattered. - MasterLink

8 Kite Shield

This Rito shield is not very common, but it made the No. 8 spot due to it’s unique design. - MasterLink

9 Shield of the Mind’s Eye

This Sheikah-made shield is not the best but the design is just so cool. - MasterLink

10 Rusty Shield

If you throw this shield at an Octorok when it is inhaling, it will suck in the shield and spit out a fresh new shield. - MasterLink