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It's ya boy McG finally back on the mic after a month of Summer Semester school (I know sucks right?). So after watching this movie at the theater with my father, who's a fan of the series, I thought it would be necessary to create a review for it, especially while I still had a fresh memory of the aspects. For those of you who are waiting for the Secret Life of Pets review, I will be getting to that soon. I'll get it done before Kubo and the Two Strings releases, and I'll definitely be doing a review for Suicide Squad. I'm gonna try a different reviewing style now, just to extend my reviews and try to make them more interesting. I'll keep experimenting this as I go along with these reviews. Anyways, let's get down to business on Jason Bourne. Before I start, I want to let you know that I'm also a fan of this series...

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Jason Bourne continues his journey in uncovering the truths of his past and the death of his father, Richard Webb.

My Thoughts & Review:
Some believe this was a needless sequel. In my opinion, this series still deserves to be in the theaters. Now it seemed like we had all the answers after the Bourne Ultimatum, but with this novel franchise, things still don't end there. I never read the books, so don't expect me to analyze how accurate this film is. I just look to see how much it entertains me. As a matter of fact, I don't know exactly which book in the series this one is from, if it's from any at all. Anyways, with any Bourne film, I basically like split them up into 3 phases. Phase one would be where the first major action sequence takes place, phase two would be the second major action sequence, and phase 3 is the climactic ending. The same thing runs with this film; there's a major action scene at the beginning, an intense middle, and a climactic ending including a lot of action. Jason Bourne gets back into business to find out who murdered his father and why he was murdered. Spy and government movies sometimes confuse me (like the film Spy Game, which took me some time to really understand) because I'm not that knowledgable with politics and military and how they really work, but this film kept it simple enough. The villain of the film is Tommy Lee Jones, who plays as CIA Director Robert Dewey. Dewey's role in the film is similar to Noah Vosen's role from Ultimatum, except a bit more threatening and more powerful. Jason toyed and broke down both of these characters throughout the films, but Dewey seemed smarter and he always had a great plan ready to be put into action. It was funny, though, because every plan was just there to be ruined by Bourne. You can tell Jason was pretty pissed off in this movie (probably not as pissed off as he was in Supremacy, though), and there was one good reason. A major character and one of Bourne's close allies gets killed off early in the film. I won't spoil it, but if you've seen the other films, you can probably take a good guess at who it is. Kinda messed up because other important characters die in the beginning of Ultimatum and Supremacy. Jason Bourne, as a character, is just so entertaining to watch because of how clever and slippery he is throughout a film. It's like the bad guy has him at one moment, and the next moment, Bourne is a mile away from him. Like every Bourne film, action scenes are very well done in this one. They are well-shot and pretty over-the-top. The best action sequence in the entire film was definitely the car chase in Vegas. The climactic fight at the end, though, was a bit underwhelming. It was probably the added chemistry between Jason and his opponent that ruined it. Also, like with any Bourne film, this one keeps the story on the road, with scenes taking place in Athens, Berlin, London, and Las Vegas. The entire story and plot twist of the film itself were balanced and well-done. It was pretty much just another added piece to Bourne's story, but it was well-executed. I was thoroughly entertained with this film as I was with the others (I know a lot of people didn't like Bourne Legacy, but I actually enjoyed it).

Overall: 8/10 Great
Behind Legacy, this release was the second weakest of the five, but it was still very enjoyable if you're a fan. Greengrass kept the basic Bourne routine and style going, and it still keeps me well-glued to the series. I can quite tell, though, knowing the common moviegoer, that this will be one of those series that everyone will end up getting tired of after one or two more releases, like Taken. With me, though, I think it will still keep me hooked. Next movie will probably be about Jason's mom :/

Let me rank the movies from least to most favorite real quick before I end this:
5: The Bourne Legacy
4: Jason Bourne
3: The Bourne Supremacy
2: The Bourne Ultimatum
1: The Bourne Identity

Thanks for reading today's film review. I'll be back at y'all soon.


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