Star Wars Character Elimination

Nonpointed Works like the other elimination posts, post the character you wish to eliminate each round and when it's over the last one standing is the best Star Wars character. All 35 characters are from the eight Star Wars movies. Some of these rounds, like the very first round, are double eliminations.

35. Jar Jar Binks
34. Zam Wesell
33. K-2SO
32. Grand Moff Tarkin
31. Poe Dameron
30. Snoke
29. Padme Amidala
28. Jabba the Hutt
27. Bodhi Rook
26. Finn
25. Cassian Andor
24. Qui-Gon Jinn
23. BB-8
22. Jyn Erso
21. Orson Krennic
20. Mace Windu
19. Lando Calrissian
18. Admiral Gial Ackbar
17. Jango Fett
16. R2-D2
15. Kylo Ren/Ben Solo
14. Rey
13. C-3PO
12. Count Dooku
11. General Grievous
10. Boba Fett
9. Palpatine/Darth Sidious
8. Chewbacca
7. Darth Maul
6. Yoda
5. Leia Organa
4. Han Solo
3. Luke Skywalker
2. Obi-Wan Kenobi
1. Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader


Voting Jar Jar and Snoke. - Nonpointed

Jar Jar and Zam Wesell (anyone remember her I honestly don't) - htoutlaws2012

She's the person anakin and obi wan are chasing in the speeder chase in episode 2. One of the better scenes of the film actually. - visitor

Well considering I've seen II only a few times, and that it's my least favorite of the star films might have been it as well. - htoutlaws2012

Jar jar
Zam - visitor

Jar Jar - ProPanda

Zam - ProPanda

Round 2: Obviously, Jar Jar is eliminated first. Along with him is Zam who was from Episode 2 and had a mostly minor role.

Voting K-2SO - Nonpointed

K-2SO - LightningBlade

Padme - visitor

Star Wars is for nerds. I will vote for Vader to rustle Matthew - Puga

Ster trek is for nerds. Proof? Spock's ears. But the cool kids watch Star Wars too. Proof? Me. - visitor

Also, poor attempt at a rustle. - visitor

I think that's enough votes now. Only 2 votes for K-2SO (a Rogue One character by the way) while everything else is at 1, so the droid is out.

Might as well vote out Moff Tarkin. - Nonpointed

Padme - visitor

Boba. - DapperPickle

Y did you all vote out the one good Rouge One character? - DapperPickle

Hah, sorry, I never saw Rogue One so I ended up voting a character from it because I know nothing about the movie. And something I've noticed is that htoutlaws2012 always votes the same thing I do in every one of the elimination posts I participate in.

Speaking of which where ARE MY OTHER VOTERS! - Nonpointed

By the way, I didn't mean to call the other RO characters bad per say, I meant to say that they were uninteresting and forgettable,K2SO is basically a funny C3PO. - DapperPickle

Poe Dameron - htoutlaws2012

Well this was a terrible round. Moff Tarkin is out.

Voting Snoke again. - Nonpointed

Poe Dameron - htoutlaws2012

Poe Dameron - 2storm

I'm gonna change to Poe, mainly cause he didn't do much in episode 7. - visitor

Boba tea. - DapperPickle

Shame for voting off the one Scottish actor. - DapperPickle

Round 6: No need for explanation, Poe Dameron is out. I just found out that the guy who played him was the same guy who played Apocalypse in X-Men Apocalypse.

Still voting Snoke. - Nonpointed

Snoke - htoutlaws2012

Padme - visitor

But Poe was the ultimate bro.

Looks like Boba 'I have no personality' Fett is staying so I'll go with Mace Windy for the horrible acting and blandness. - DapperPickle

'Mace Windy'

Autocorrect is so good sometimes. - DapperPickle

Padme - 2storm

Round 7: Our first tie between Supreme Leader Snoke and Padme Amidala. Since Padme is higher on the list Snoke goes.

Well see ya Padme in this round. - Nonpointed

Padme I guess. - DapperPickle

Padme - visitor

Jabba - VideoGamefan5

Padme - htoutlaws2012

Round 8: You had killed Padme in your anger.

Voting Jabba, I think he's been on here long enough. - Nonpointed

Mace Windy.At least Jabba had a voice actor who could act and his puppetry was brilliant. - DapperPickle

Just noticed the absence of the legendary Mouse Droid. - DapperPickle

Jabba - htoutlaws2012

Jabba the Jabber the Jabbing Jabba - VideoGamefan5

Janna - visitor

Jabba - visitor

Round 9: I think that's enough. Jabba goes.

Me votes Bodhi Rook - Nonpointed

Made Windy. - DapperPickle

Cassian - visitor

Meant to say rook. - visitor

Bodhi Rook - htoutlaws2012

Going to Round 10 now. Bodhi Rook is out.

Finn - Nonpointed

Made Mindy. - DapperPickle

Finn - htoutlaws2012

Cassian - visitor

Well sorry for the lack of updates. I was expecting more from the voters. Round 11, Finn is voted off.

Double elimination time. Voting Cassian Andor and Jango Fett - Nonpointed

Cassian and Mace Windu

Why would you vote off fin? Great character. - visitor

Cassian and Qui-Gon Jinn - htoutlaws2012

Cassian And Qui-Gon Jinn - VideoGamefan5

Round 12: See ya Cassian. Also Qui-Gon goes too.

Sticking with Jango. - Nonpointed

BB-8 - htoutlaws2012

Where are my voters? - Nonpointed

BB8 - visitor

Okay screw it, moving on, BB-8 is out by the way.

Still voting Jango Fett out. - Nonpointed

Jynn - visitor

Jynn - htoutlaws2012

Jynn - visitor

Round 14: Rogue One's protagonist leaves.

STILL voting Jango Fett. - Nonpointed

Krennic - visitor

Krennic - EpicJake

Krennic - visitor

Round 14: Sorry I can't count properly, this is Round 14. All of Rogue One's unique characters are out.

Yep, still going for Jango Fett until he leaves. - Nonpointed

Mace Windu - visitor

Mace Windu - visitor

Round 15: Well I gotta keep going with this. Mace Windu, the one who beheaded Jango, leaves this competition even if Jango is still in for some reason.

Still voting Jango. - Nonpointed

Lando. - visitor

Lando - ProPanda

Ackbar - TristGamer

Round 16: That traitor Lando leaves.

Seeing as people are not voting for Jango anytime soon, I shall vote off Ackbar. - Nonpointed

Memes only go so far. Allahu Ackbar. - visitor

Ackbar - Ananya

Round 17: Ackbar falls into his own trap.

Jango, yet again. Been here too long. - Nonpointed

Jango... - Ananya

Jango Fett - visitor

R2-D2 - christangrant

Round 18: Jango needed to go

R2 - Nonpointed

R2-D2 - visitor

R2-D2 - christangrant

D2 - Ananya

Round 19: R2D2 is off.


Kylo Ren and Yoda - Nonpointed

Kylo Ren and Rey

Yoda is my favorite character - visitor

Ren and Dooku - Ananya

C-3PO and Rey - christangrant

C-3PO and Kylo - htoutlaws2012

Round 20: Kylo Ren is eliminated. There was a tie between C-3PO and Rey and the one who is higher on the list of Best Star Wars Characters is to stay. Rey is lower than C-3PO.

Boba - Nonpointed

C-3PO - htoutlaws2012

C-3PO - visitor

C-3PO - christangrant

C-3PO - Ananya

Round 21: I apologize if I haven't been monitoring this in awhile. Threepio is out.

Count Dooku - Nonpointed

Chewbacca - christangrant


Sorry bout that anyway Dooku. - TristGamer

Grievous - htoutlaws2012

Dooku - Ananya

Dooku (Chewbacca is too awesome) - visitor

Round 22: Getting real close to the top 10 here. Count Dooku is gone.

Boba Fett - Nonpointed

Grievous - htoutlaws2012

Boba Fett - visitor

Changing to Grevious - visitor

Grievous - TristGamer

Grievous - Ananya

Round 23: lol nonks all decided to vote Grievous out.

Boba Fett again. - Nonpointed

Chewbacca - christangrant

Boba Fett - visitor

Boba Fett - htoutlaws2012

Boba Fett - 2storm

Fett - Ananya

Round 24: Forgot to mention we were in the Top 10 now. Boba Fett is out.

Darth Maul - Nonpointed

Palpatine - htoutlaws2012

Chewbacca - christangrant

Palpatine - visitor

Darth Maul


Palpatine - Ananya

Round 25: This was a close one. Emperor/Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious is out.

Darth Maul (I know he was basically the one great thing about TPM, but he's had his time on here already) - Nonpointed

Darth Maul - visitor

Chewbacca, I have a weird liking for Darth Maul. - htoutlaws2012

Horrid - visitor

Chewbacca - visitor

You are all hopeless nonces - visitor

Chewbacca - christangrant

Horrid - visitor

Round 26: The Wookie lands in the #8 spot.

Darth Maul please. - Nonpointed

Darth Maul. How did Chewbacca leave before him? - visitor

I know Darth Maul - TristGamer

Maul - Ananya

Leia Organa - christangrant

Round 27: No I didn't forget this. Darth Maul is out.

Top 6 now. Voting Yoda - Nonpointed

Obi Wan - TristGamer

Leia - visitor

Yoda - htoutlaws2012

Leia Organa - christangrant

Yoda - Ananya

Round 28: With a 3-2-1 voting split, Yoda is out. We are now in the top 5


Han and Leia

Also TheRandom if you're out there this is still going on. - Nonpointed

Han and Leia - htoutlaws2012

Not playing anymore, Yoda is gone - visitor

It's fine, I'll just have TheRandom take your place again. - Nonpointed

Han and leia - Ananya

Han and Leia - visitor

..yoda is gone?

Obi Wan and Leia - TristGamer

Round 29: In the double elimination, the solo couple is out. Down to the top 3.

Obi Wan - Nonpointed

Luke Skywalker - htoutlaws2012

Luke - visitor

Wan - Ananya

Luke - visitor

Round 30: Luke has been cut off from the top 2.


A rematch of the Revenge of the Sith battlers. Who will win? Anakin/Vader or Obi-Wan? In this one, you vote the WINNER. - Nonpointed

I just realized I forgot to vote in this finale. Wouldn't have mattered because I would've gone with Anakin - Nonpointed

Lord Vader! - htoutlaws2012

Vader obvi - visitor

Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader - christangrant

Vader... - Ananya

It's over. Does it really need an explanation on who won? Yep, didn't think so. - Nonpointed