Saddest Deaths in Mark Cheverton's Gameknight999 Series

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The Top Ten

Stonecutter - Last Stand on the Ocean Shore

Stonecutter was Gameknight's friend, so I guess it's kinda sad. - Ottie

Tiller - The Jungle Temple Oracle

Tiller was one of the saddest ones by far, she watched out for Monet and she wanted to go into the battle but got herself killed. - Ottie

Woodcutter Twins - Trouble in Zombie-Town

The woodcutter twins were cool, I guess. One of them was killed by one of the zombies in zombie-town and I forgot how the other one died. - Ottie

Woodcutter (from Stonecutter's village)

In Stonecutter's story, it sounded like Woodcutter went through a lot. - Ottie

Weaver (Stonecutter's daughter)

Weaver was obviously really happy with her job from Stonecutter's story in the Herobrine Reborn series, I'm pretty sure he told it in Saving Crafter. - Ottie


Erebus was my favorite villain out of all of them in the books. I hated Erebus's replacement, Feyd, because Feyd was just so abnoxiously annoying. I also really hated Malacoda, because Erebus was obviously better. - Ottie


Shaikulud was pretty cool, I guess. - Ottie


I hated Feyd for replacing Erebus, but he was better than Malacoda, at least. - Ottie


I HATED Malacoda, he was SO annoying when he somehow defeated Erebus in the first meeting. Malacoda's death was really cool when, like, Erebus threw him off the cliff. - Ottie


I guess it's a happy death, but it's kinda sad. - Ottie