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1 I do not like strawberry ice cream

I just think it tastes weird.

I prefer vanilla and chocolate ice cream but I think strawberry ice cream still tastes good. Opinion respected.

I like it, but I respect your opinion. There are better flavors out there tho

I hate it, too. It's gross and it tastes like strawberries and cheese. Yuck!

2 Frozen 2 is overrated

I like the movie itself a lot, but I just think it’s kinda overrated.

I agree. I liked Frozen 2, but it's not THAT great.

I never watched the movie

I agree, very overrated

3 I hate PeTA

No explanation needed.

Everyone should, to be honest. Imagine liking them, in the first place.

This isn't unpopular since everyone hates this company

Last time I checked, that's not an unpopular opinion.

4 Death metal is bad

Since death metal is loved by LOTS of people on TheTopTens, I’m probably gonna get attacked <3

Honestly for the most part, yeah. Even if I did some listings about the best about Death Metal believe that there's only one great band which is Opeth and nothing else.

I agree. It is one of my least favorite music genres.

5 Autistic Screeching meme is terrible

It makes fun of autism.

As someone with autism yes I totally agree.

I can HEAVILY agree! In my opinion, it's one of the worst memes.

It’s very offensive to autistic people.

6 Fortnite is bad

I don’t really care about this game anymore. On terms of hate and love, I think it’s a 50/50 though since it gets lots of hate and praise.

Never was interested in Fortnite. I guess I can get its popularity, but I just don't think it's a good game.

That's not unpopular in my opinion

eh I used to have this opinion but after I saw how toxic the hatebase was I decided I wasnt on either side

7 Spicy food is disgusting

I kind of agree, I like some levels of spiciness but too much levels of spiciness is uncomfortable

I disagree but I respect your opinion.

I don't really like it either.

Not a fan of most of it either.

8 Melanie Martinez is underrated

never heard of them

9 Chocolate is better than vanilla

I agree, I like both but I like chocolate a lot better

I disagree but respect your opinion

10 If a dog bites someone but it’s not that bad, don’t put the dog down.

Yea why can't people just get over it its just a bite that's all its not like the bite is poisionus