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Alright not the most original list but here are some opinions of mine that many people might not agree with.
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1 Call Me Maybe is a good song. Call Me Maybe is a good song. Cover Art

Yes it is childish and one of the lines makes no sense but overall for what it is I like it. The build up to the chorus is really good I think. Carly Rae Jepsen's voice although not technically great is perfectly suited to the song and the instrumental is also pretty good. I'm not saying it's a masterpiece or anything though and it's not one of her better songs.

I find it a catchy song. It's harmless anyway, no bad lyrics. Good for teens. Plus, it was good in the movie Sing (which I liked that movie as well).

Yes, it's corny but I still find it fun to listen to

I can't be the only one who loves this song..

2 Believer is a horrible song. Believer is a horrible song. Cover Art

I looked at the all the songs that were voted in the top 10 best of the year for the 2010's when I took part in the vote by Martinglez. I am considering making a post or series analyzing every song on the lists and although I don't think I will try ranking every song from best to worst if I did it would maybe have it dead last or close to it. Also it is the highest ranked song from the 2010's on the best songs of all time list so it seems a lot of people like it. The biggest issue for me is how grating it sounds both Dan Reynolds vocal style here and the instrumental. The lyrics are supposed to be inspiring but I personally find them kind of pretentious and really generic there are just so many songs about rising up and becoming stronger and in my opinion most are better than this one. Besides this and Thunder I like Imagine Dragons though.

I like ID, but this song isn't as great as my school makes it out to be. In fact, one of their worse songs.

I agree this song is trash and the vocals here are awful, I don't like most of their newer music too. I personally think Thunder is worse though.

One of the worst Imagine Dragons songs.

3 Cloudy weather without rain is really depressing.

I don't mind rain itself but the weird state when it looks like it will rain but doesn't I just don't care for.

Oh my gosh, yes! The sky practically feels like it's weighing down on you

Cloudy weather looks bad because I can't go outside and Naruto run in my underwear.

Dark low clouds are beautiful if your place has summer for 12 months like mine

Where I live it there has been virtually no rain in over 2 months so dark clouds would be very welcome if they brought rain.

4 Climbing trees is still fun

I think most people see it as something little kids do but I honestly don't see myself ever growing out of it.

Even though I'm afraid of heights I love the sense of adrenaline I get from climbing trees, though I'm a teen I still enjoy climbing trees and take pleasure in ignoring how much people judge me!

Not really unpopular, most kids my age used to do it a lot, and got told off.

I still climb trees I felt asleep in my neighbour's tree once and the next morning I almost got caught.

That is if I could actually climb one

5 Something being overrated is not that bad

This is different from something that is overrated is not necessarily bad. This is not about the things themselves but about them being overrated. Pretty much some people get really annoyed by how overrated something is and often claim it ruins the thing for them or insist that the people who praise it don't know enough about the subject. For me though it does not bother me at all that other people love it. It can actually be fun to see someone's enthusiasm for something that I don't personally get the appeal of.

People are not reading my comment I don't mean something can be overrated and good. I mean that I don't mind it being overrated.

With this, I see it the way the majority does, but not the way you do. I don't think it's true that overrated is automatically awful, but at the same time, it's not actually GOOD for things to be overrated if they don't deserve it. Even when it's something good that's overrated, it shouldn't be as overrated as it is if it isn't that good. So many times, things can be overrated but good, but also they can be bad and overrated, or even AWFUL and overrated. Then there's the fact that they can be overhated even when they ARE bad or even awful. Hannah Montana is a bad show, but it is overhated because Disney Channel has WORSE shows, mainly So Random! Other worse shows than HM include Pickle and Peanut, Fish Hooks, PrankStars, My Babysitter's a Vampire, Future Worm!, and Nina Needs to Go! That's just from what I've watched though. I haven't even watched Two More Eggs or Violetta. I haven't seen Sonny with a Change either, nor Crash and Bernstein or Jonas LA. Not to mention, there are more ...more

@Powell second time, about the shows, my point is that there's worse shows from Disney Channel than Hannah Montana. But you probably haven't heard of any of them. Did you even see any of them? I think that's the reason those shows are so underrated, because not enough people have heard of them or seen them. At least people have heard of shows like Sanjay and Craig. That's part of the problem though. They always say the worst Disney Channel shows are ones like Shake It Up and Hannah Montana, but most of the time, they don't know the REAL worst ones that I mentioned that people don't know about. I know Shake It Up and Hannah Montana are bad, but they aren't the ALL TIME worst of Disney Channel. There's even worse shows still that I haven't even watched that I only know about from most users of these sites. I haven't watched Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon, but from what I know it's possibly the WORST show EVER, or at least ONE of the worst. WAY worse than anything like Barney or Dora. ...more

Usually said overrated artist, song, item, and so on get there with reason to be overrated.

6 Taylor Swift is a good artist Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. ...read more.

Unpopular on thetoptens at least. Although she has some weaker songs I honestly like far more from her than I dislike. Even Reputation was not that bad in my opinion. I like most of her lyrics and the production in her songs and although she is not technically a very skilled vocalist I think she is not that and makes good use of what she can do with her voice. I am not sure what song of hers is my favorite but Sparks Fly is for me pretty close to being a "perfect" pop song (I will probably make a list about other songs like that).

Swift was probably the artist I played most when I was a kid (8-13,) and although I see her in a different view these days, I think Taylor Swift sounds better than a handful of artists, and kind of pretty. Because of her makeup?

I don't think I really cared about music at all when I was that age I really just listened to whatever I heard other people like my parents play.

She doesn't deserve any hate "Lover" is better than anything done by the beatles just saying

Oh wow that is a pretty hot take also thanks for being my 50th follower.

Nah, she's just okay.

7 Driving is actually pretty unpleasant.

I don't hate it as much as when I was just starting but I still find it fairly stressful and even when there is not much traffic I still don't enjoy it like many people do.

I have been eligible for a driver's permit for nine years, and I STILL haven't learned to drive. Pretty sad huh? But that's not all. I don't have a job yet either. So, if my only problem was boredom, I wouldn't care as long as something good is on this site and there are good shows on TV and good movies. But the "Most TV shows are terrible" part REALLY hits me sometimes. I actually LIKE shows that are hated even when I know WHY they're so hated. It's sad really. I just wish I had a better life. Otherwise, I wouldn't have to hate it.

Whenever I'm with my friends I usually drive and I usually find it fun because I go fast. I can see why you might find it boring but when I drive I usually have loud music and me and my friends. I don't drive with my parents because my dad is missing and my mom would never trust me to drive.

I never listen to music when I drive. I can never concentrate on anything else when I listen to music.

Totally agree. Whenever my family proposes that I drive, I almost always say no. I don't have a lot of experience just yet and although I already have my permit, I find it a bit stressful to drive in areas with a lot of traffic.

I actually do often drive when my family is driving somewhere even though I don't like doing it. I agree that it's stressful when there is a lot of traffic.

8 Most TV shows are terrible.

Most just end up being boring after not too long. I have liked some documentaries and I occasionally watch some British comedy shows but the only long term TV show that I have liked enough to watch in full is Blackadder.

I used to think I was the ONLY ONE to think this. What I usually think is that 95% of shows suck these days. I need to find a show I KNOW I can like that isn't easy to be hated. Maybe if I watched other channels. I mostly watch Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

Agreed. I watch the news and then I listen to Bon Jovi in my room.

I prefer cartoons like SpongeBob, Family Guy and Gravity Falls. But I love shows such as Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld, Inbetweeners, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Office, Dr Who, Robin Hood and Walking Dead.

Disney shows like GLC, Wizards, Zack and Cody, Liv and Maddie, and Austin and Ally also bring back good memories for me.

Still, I prefer cartoons

9 Running is not a bad spectator sport.

Most people I know would say it is boring but I still enjoy it sometimes. Even the longer distances are not boring if you don't have to pay constant attention. It probably helps that I run myself.

I like running and I mean I can watch the Olympic races, but I don't know if I can watch it casually.

Hmm, I'm honestly mixed about this because I usually do the commentary at my school and I also run too. I guess it really depends on my mood and I'm usually on a good mood so I enjoy it most of the time.

It's boring.

10 The 2010's were not a bad era for music. The 2010's were not a bad era for music. Cover Art

I don't just mean this as there is still good music but honestly I think in general music from the 2010's is not significantly worse than any other era.

There we're a lot of good songs during the 2010's, but there we're also a lot of really bad songs, more than any other decade. Artists are not even about making good music anymore, it's all about finding the next big thing to milk for money. Although there are many good artists, you just have to look below the surface of mainstream crap that is thrown in our faces.

I thought I would get this response. The thing is though I don't even really find mainstream music significantly worse than other decades.

Speaking of the image, Gangnam Style is actually a very catchy song, despite being severely overplayed

Actually I had originally intended for this item to be about that song but decided to make it about modern music generally because I already had multiple items about individual songs.

I agree. I don't think that the 2010s were as bad as people say they were, but there were definitely terrible songs from that era, just like every other music era.