Dumbest Lists: TTETSBCIS10SS

Powerfulgirl10 Here is a little post series called "Dumbest Lists." This episode will be about the list "Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created in Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants."

The reasons why I hate this list is because of all of the trolls, especially SpongebobSuxx, ruining it and adding bad ideas to the list. Three are a lot of ideas like violent, sexual, unnecessary crossovers, too many Band Geeks sequels/alternative endings, irrelevant stuff, dumb shippings, and other stupid things. Here are a few examples of some bad ideas:

1. Kissy Kissy Love you
This is a series of episodes where there is a TON of sexual content in it. It is really not "sexy."

2. Racist Sponge
This is where SpongeBob teaches people to become racist. I mean, racism isn't a joke!

3. Different Way
Another series of episodes, but this is where different characters pee into someone's mouth. It is very perverted and stupid. And Gamecubesarecool193 only made it worse by making Different Way In Space.

4. Everyone Dies and the Show Ends
Name explains it all. I mean, this episode appears on a LOT of lists similar to this.

5. Gay, Sex, and Suicide Pants
It's just really stupid. It's where SpongeBob and Patrick have s** in front of Sandy, and she commits suicide.

Here are more bad ideas:
Funky Junk, Sexy Sponge, SpongeBob Pees, SpongeBob Poops, SpongeBob x Miley Cyrus, Sandy x Beyonce, The Thing, The Thing, and The Thingy, Poor Ratchet Racist Sponge, XXXX, Gary's Death, Patrick Abuse, Sandy Abuse, Gary Abuse, SpongeBob Watches Porn, Squidward Torture Porn, SpongeBob and Patrick Lick Squidward, SpongeBob Watches The Hills Have Eyes, SpongeBob Causes 9/11, SpongeBob's Sex, Spandy Day, Krusty Kannibal, SouthBob ParkPants, DoraBob ExplorerPants, Breadwinners X Caillou, Nicki Minaj X Patrick, JustinBob BieberPants, NickiBob MinajPants, Different Way In Space (I am super mad at what Gamecubesarecool193 did to me on there, and I'm not sexy)

A lot of ideas on the list are horrible, and I'll admit some of the ideas are good at least.

And that's why I hate this list.


Well,trolls put them there,what did you expect? - DapperPickle

I actually saw that list when I went on a list about worst ideas on it. So I was expecting bad ideas. - Powerfulgirl10

I don't think SpongeboSuxx was the one or only one doing it. It could've been GCAC193 trying to get attention even back then. What I know is that some of the items were not meant to be bad. Nightmare on Conch Street was meant to be a funny episode parody of Nightmare on Elm Street but the troll put a sexual description in it when he didn't put the item there. So yeah - bobbythebrony