Sexist List?

Powerfulgirl10 Apparently, some visitor made a list called "Top Ten Reasons to Hate Boys." I mean, that is one of the worst lists on the site. Here are the reasons why:

1. It's really sexist. I mean, boys aren't bad. And whoever made that list is obviously a sexist.

2. It says they're annoying. That's Number 1 so far. I mean, some are, but a lot aren't.

3. It says they're ugly. Really visitor? Really? Not all boys are ugly.

4. It says they insult girls. Like I said, not all do.

5. It says they like being dirty. A lot like being clean. Seriously, who came up with this?

6. It says they like stupid shows. Different people have different tastes, you know.

7. It says they pee standing up. Are you a pervert? Girls can, too. It's just harder. Also, nobody gives a crap.

8. It says they fart a lot. That's natural. And some don't.

9. It says they're crybabies. You gotta be kidding me. I know a lot of boys who are tough and don't act like cowards!

I hate this list, and I always will. It is a very sexist, offensive, stupid, and hypocritical list. Next I'll be writing about the opposite gender!


Main reasons I hate 75% of the visitors from TTT. They are a bunch of asswipes that always use terrible reasonings on their lists - visitor

I think the Top Ten Reasons To Hate Boys/ Girls list is extremely full of sh*t. - visitor