Another Sexist List?

Powerfulgirl10 This is the spin-off to that other post talking about that one hate list about boys. Now here's the awful girls list!

1. It's really sexist. It's a hate list about girls. Both genders are good.

2. It says they ask if they are fat. Not all do, and they might only do that so they can try to lose weight.

3. It says they're annoying. A lot aren't actually.

4. It says they're stupid. Don't even get me started on this one...

5. It says they call boys perverts. That is sexist, but a lot (including me) don't do that, unless they talk about inappropriate stuff. Also, some girls are, too.

6. It says they make you sick. Yet, another sexist statement.

7. It says they're greedy. Only some.

Admin, please delete the horrible horrible lists "Top Ten Reasons to Hate Boys" and "Top Ten Reasons to Hate Girls." They're both very sexist and hypocritical.


The list doesn't really generalize anything about girls. So either ignore the list or try addressing the falsity to the admins. - visitor