My Humiliation

Powerfulgirl10 I was featured in a Solar Sands video, and I look ridiculous in it. I've made one of the stupidest comments in history, and it was such a big misunderstanding. I HATE vore, not love it. I think children's movies shouldn't receive such horrible horrible fan art.

I literally cried when I found this video. (Actually KaynasKingdom told me about it.) Yep that's me down there. in the fiery pits of Hell: You may not agree that I look stupid in this, but I think I do.

I'm scarred for life...


Can't you ask him to remove it? - TwilightKitsune

He won't. He actually agreed with what I said about the Zootopia vore. - Powerfulgirl10

The reasons why I will never join deviantart even my drawing is okay. - visitor

I hate Solar Sands because that reason. - visitor