Top 10 Tips For High School Students

Well it’s been a 4 year journey through High School and it’s been one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had obviously with COVID-19 interfering About a Year ago I made a similar list to this but now looking back I’ve learned even more than I had at that point. So as I wrap up my Senior Year in High School let me leave those of you underclassmen with this. From Someone who finished top 10% in my class from an academic standpoint here is my advice for you
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The Top Ten
1 Enjoy Every Moment Because Time Really Flies

This may be cliche as hell but when you wake up and it’s your last week of senior year you’ll look back and realize just how fast time can fly. That’s why I say enjoy every moment live each moment because once it’s gone there’s no going back. Also don’t take any moment for granted which also sounds redundant as hell but obviously a global pandemic doesn’t care. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you miss something until it’s gone. All I’m going to say is just make the best no matter the situation which is easier said than done but still. Don’t put yourself on the back end of your senior year feeling regret on what you didn’t do but wanted to accomplish while in High School

2 Stay On Top of Your Classes

This is the most important thing to remember. In middle school you could pretty much get away with not doing anything just showing up doing the bare minimum let me tell you that’s not what it’s like in high school. You have to hit the ground running that means don’t be slacking off and I cannot stress this enough DO YOUR WORK! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen my friends be short of where they want to be just because they didn’t do an assessment. I know it can get redundant and boring but each assignment matters. And do it on time because chances are if it’s late you’re going to be penalized for it if teachers even grade it. Oh and one more thing, be involved in class. Take notes ask questions do whatever just show the teacher you care even if you kinda have to fake it and more likely than not you will have a good relationship with them. Try not to get on your phone too often because this will absolutely trigger some teachers some don’t mind but that’s one ...more

Good tips, you're really reaching a TTT peak nowadays

3 Be Nice To Everyone Because At the End of the Day Everyone is in the same boat

In high school everyone is just trying to be accepted and be seen as cool. Everyone is typically part of a clique like the football players, band members choir members yearbook staff and so on. Everyone is just trying to fit in and be accepted by their peers which is why these groups exist to begin with. Here’s my challenge to you. Step outside your comfort zone go talk with other people you normally wouldn’t go talk with that one kid in the back of the class you don’t know anything about you might have more in common than you realize also that could make their day. Almost everyone likes to be talked to people like when you talk with them and are genuinely interested in what they like to do. You can even fake it if you’re not actually interested but be careful doing that and at least be nice don’t zone out or make it so blatantly obvious that they see right through it

4 Don’t Overwhelm Yourself With Hard Classes

This is something I learned the hard way. If you’re smart enough go ahead and put yourself in a few AP Classes you can earn college credits and get a higher GPA. That’s fine and all but don’t overload your schedule. You Will be Stressed out. If you fall behind in one class it’s easy to fall behind in another class because you were trying to catch up. This goes back to #1 Stay on top of your classes. I learned the hard way that you do not want more than 2 AP classes because it was a nightmare especially when COVID hit and we were forced online. A lot of times it’s not that I didn’t understand the material it’s just the faster pace and amount of work assigned is ridiculous in some classes oh and preparing for the AP Test at the end of the year will require you to sacrifice some weekends if you want to do well. So all I’m saying is that you need to be prepared for what you’re getting yourself into if you do go that route. If you’re super smart then go for it but ...more

5 Don’t Do Drugs or Alcohol

This should be an obvious no brainer. You have more freedom in high school but if you take a wrong turn you could seriously derail yourself and your future. I get some people do it to escape a bad situation or something but I promise you there is better options available drugs and alcohol are not the answer if anything you’re only hurting yourself more. Find someone to talk to if you need it. Because I can’t stress this enough but this is not the answer to your problems

Definitely not. Drugs are some of the worst things that people could consume, it ruins you mentally and physically. If someone offered me some, I would reject it right off the bat.

6 Manage Your Time

What do I mean by this? I mean don’t procrastinate and put off your homework. Set aside time to work on that math assignment or that project because your grades actually matter now. You might have an athletic event or a job or other things outside of school this is where you really have to manage your time well. Prioritize what’s most important you can’t slack and expect to be successful because your teachers are not going to be as forgiving. You’re only setting yourself up to struggle if you leave that project until the night before it’s due. Don’t do that to yourself. Give yourself a chance to get a good grade on things and actually try and actually do it at a reasonable time. I get sometimes situations come up but still you’re going to eventually have to learn how to manage time in the real world so the earlier you learn the better.

7 Have A Plan For What You Want to Do After High School

I’m not saying that you have to have anything set in stone but by the time you’re a Senior you need to at least have a pretty good idea what direction you want to go after High School because trust me it goes by fast don’t be fooled by all that time you have in September because you close your eyes and it’s May. You got to apply and get things ready for the next year otherwise you are only hurting yourself. It blows my mind how some people still don’t have their plans in order. Obviously the world is constantly changing but having a plan is way better than not having a plan. You don’t even have to go to college you can go to the military or just join in the workforce if you desire

8 Surround Yourself With the Right People

This is also important. Peer pressure is a real thing. Don’t fall for it stay strong which I get is easier said than done. But surrounding yourself with people who support you and can hold you accountable is a good way to start. Having the right people around you is very beneficial for both you and them in the long run. If you’re around the wrong crowd no matter how hard you try you will eventually be influenced by them and become closer to them. That’s why it’s important to choose wisely who you hang out with. Regardless what you think we become most like who we’re around for better or worse.

9 Have fun

I think this is the most important thing to remember just have fun. This is the last time you’ll be with the classmates you’ve grown up with. You’re old enough to do stuff without your parents taking you somewhere and you’re young enough to still be living with your parents enjoy it while it lasts because after High School you have to start over again and you’re on your own. Enjoy your friendships with your classmates while they last because after graduation you tend to go your separate ways and may not see each other again. I get you might be stressed out but try and remember to relax and enjoy your time as well because once it’s done it’s gone for good

10 Get Involved With Something

I can’t stress this enough but find something that interests you and join a club if it doesn’t exist ask around and try and make one! Making friends can be hard sometimes especially in a large school. Finding a club is a great place to start because right off the bat you have a common interest with everyone there. If you play sports join the athletic team if you play an instrument join the band. Whatever it is you can connect with so many other people you otherwise wouldn’t meet. If you don’t join anything you will regret it later on