Reasons Why The Simulation Hypothesis Is False

The simulation hypothesis is basically a theory that we are in an artificial reality, such as an extremely advanced computer program, such as that on the popular show The Orville. Anyway, here are some reasons why it might be false. Oh, and I'm also possibly going to make a list with some counterpoints to this list. Oh, and sorry if this list is bad or repetitive, I'm making it at 3 am and my brain is dead.
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1 The immense complexity of the human mind

Imagine trying to program something so complex as the human mind. Now do that over 7 billion times, each with some variety.

Our mind is just so complex and even the bones, organs, heart, muscle, is just impossible.

My sims have this too. They're just ordered to do things.

2 We have free will

Another thing that's extremely hard to simulate. - SirSheep

3 Emotions

This goes along with the whole complexity of the human mind thing. - SirSheep

4 It's impossible to build and power something immense enough to simulate an entire universe

Imagine the size of a computer it would take to simulate one small part of this planet to the smallest detail. Now imagine this to the scale of the entire universe. Physisists from Oxford University say that it would require more atoms than our whole universe contains to program this - SirSheep

5 We can think

Along with our free will, this is again, impossible to simulate. Just think about it. If I tried to explain it I'd need a whole post or longer. - SirSheep

6 We have a physical presence

Again, actual simulations can't feel. They just react how we program them to based on statistics and odds. They can't actually feel or think. - SirSheep

7 The amount of energy required would be too great

You would need the power of many stars to power this, especially for such a long time - SirSheep

8 Life itself couldn't exist

Like I've stated numerous times in this list, a physical presence isn't possible in a simulation. - SirSheep

9 We aren't based on statistics

As all simulations are - SirSheep

10 The Earth was made by mice on Magrathea

As shown in A Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. Since it was made by mice, therefore it can't be a simulation - SirSheep