Hater vs Praiser 1 - Frozen

Skullkid755 Here in this series I'll compare people who love something and people who hate the same thing.
So, today, Frozen Hater vs Frozen Praiser.

Hater - Typically, hates on Frozen for being overrated, calls it the worst Disney movie ever even though it didn't kill CGI like a certain movie did hand drawn animation. They also tells Frozen fans to get lives even though they are sitting behind a computer wining about a movie while also being a teen while the Frozen fanbase is mostly girls under 13. Also, they say Frozen's bad for not explaining how Elsa got her powers when they might even be obsessed with Harry Potter, well, did Mrs. Rowling ever tell us how wizards with no magic in their family get their powers IN THE SERIES I AM TALKING ABOUT?

Praiser - Typically is obsessed with Frozen,says it's better than the Lion King, and over hyped Frozen a lot. They call Frozen Haters "Anna and Elsa hating meanies" when they are hating someone for their opinion. And they don't like the haters when they will likely hate childish movies (because they're teens). They say the unanswered questions don't matter even though they cause confusion about the film. And, also, they make lists like "Top Ten Reasons Why Frozen Haters are Worse than
Frozen Praisers.

Which is worse : Tie. They both are hypocrites who use bad reasoning and both troll.

So, hope you enjoyed this new episode, bye.


I hate frozen, replaced batman and robin as my least favorite movie. - visitor

Then why is B&R at #1 on your Worst Movies remix? - visitor

Cause I'm too lazy to update. - visitor

I'll be honest with you,but I'm a frozen hater,but I dislike frozen because 1.the songs,2.olaf was annoying,3.theirs unsuccessful drama in it,which I hate unsuccessful drama,and 4.its predictable.also,I try not to bash a frozen fans opinion randomly,I'll only bash their opinions if they bash mine first,so I'm one of the frozen haters that only bashes when someone bashes me first - Nateawesomeness

I'm kinda neutral on Frozen, it's ceartainly not the worst disney movie ever, that's for sure, I could name 10 that I think are worse. - Martinglez

I dislike Frozen - bobbythebrony

Haha...sounds like Band Arguments! - visitor

It's like this with EVERYTHING that's liked or hated! It's NOT just Frozen that's like this. There's ALWAYS something people hate despite the fact that their IS worse stuff! Like TheEvilNuggetCookie listed Liv and Maddie as #1 on Top Ten T.V. Shows That Deserve to Be Hated the Most AND puts Jersey Shore in the dishonorable mentions! SERIOUSLY! This is why I hate my life and wish I was never born. Also, I don't get why there CAN'T be people who like Frozen AND agree there are better Disney movies! OR why other overrated Disney movies like Mulan and Aladdin aren't given the same bashing! Why does EVERYTHING have to have a reason to hate it NO MATTER WHAT?! - visitor

Life. Isn't. Movies/television. - visitor

Ummm.. Confession. I am a praiser. - kontrahinsunu

Well then you need to die. Jk. - visitor

I am neutral about Frozen. I think it is good for young children. Not really for older people but there is no reason to hate it. - visitor