Cops and Criminals Announcement

Skullkid755 Hey, I'm gonna make a new post series called Cops and Criminals. Basically, it is inspired by Therandom's Heroes vs. Villains series. No Danteem, yours aint better!

Heroes are cops and villains are criminals. They are sent to an island meant to simulate a "High Crime" area. The challenges are based off of stuff cops and criminals do to each other. The cops must save while the criminals must harm. Example : cops must keep money safe and criminals must take money.

Whoever doesn't succeed will lose and the person who was the last to mess up goes to jail and becomes a backup for the other team.

A backup is a loser who is chosen to help the other team for an episode. If the team they help wins, they get to go home.

Prize for winner : Getting home one month before the others.

I will be using cartoon/anime characters cause I like using fictional characters and to many post series's, though are great, have toptenners in them!

I'll be posting the roster in a few days. Bye.

Also, I take character suggestions.10 per team.


Okay - bobbythebrony

Cool - Martinglez

Cool - 2storm

Anime and cartoon characters only, no toptenners! - Skullkid755

Sounds groovy! I'll think of a good character to use. - RockFashionista