Top Tens Celeb Roaster 4 : Many Roast Donald Trump

Skullkid755 In this episode, we got many people roasting the same person, so here we go!

Nateawesomeness - " How do you love your daughter?"
Donald Trump - "If I were her age, I'd have kids with her."
Trump fans- "We no longer support you!"
ModernSpongebobSucks - "Favorite anime?"
Donald Trump - " Boku no Pico, what do ya think my basement is for?"
Anime fans - "We hate him, let's argue on a message board with boku no picophiles!"
Donald Trump - "You are my best friends."
Skullkid755 - "No, we are your haters!"
Everyone reveals that Donald Trump is being filmed live and that it isn't a Secret Telling Party.
Donald Trump - " I was ready to reveal my favorite game was Vampire Rain, now I lost my fans."
TopTenPizza - "You've lost your gamer supporters just now."
Gamer - "Never join Xbox live or make a steam account! Maybe uplay, they can't get any worse!"
SirSkeletorthe3rd - "What meme do you live up to most m8?"
Donald Trump - Pedo Bear! "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"
Donald Trump gets his guards to kill everybody.
A long fightscene continues until Trump trips over a suitcase with the phrase "made in Mexico" written on it.
Donald Trump then dies and every killer focuses on taking out his vice president.
Keyson - "That's all folks!"


LOL! That is some funny stuff there! I liked the part where I asked Donald Trump about his favorite anime and he said he liked Boku no Pico. After all, I started the whole joke about Donald Trump watching Boku no Pico in his fancy basement on Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Shouldn't Win the 2016 Presidential Election. Not to mention I came up with the name "Boku no Picophiles" when I wasn't logged in during that time it was made. Also, I have recently uploaded images of Attack on Titan Donald Trump parodies and other memes as well which should appear on some items soon. I hope you like them! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

That joke is cancer - Nateawesomeness

I wanted trump to be cruel to us first,but thanks - Nateawesomeness

Well that was entertaining. - visitor

I also loved the "Made in Mexico" part. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Lol - Martinglez

Noncey post - Puga

Now I like Donald trump due to therandoms newest list,sooo,what Puga said - Nateawesomeness