Top Tens Battles 22 - Mind Destruction 17 (Season Finale)

Skullkid755 Theme song plays and show starts.

Keyson - " We won,almost. Time to slay Anti Admin."
Skeletor - "Well, I have someone to kill myself. I hate Bobby!"
Skeletor then leaves and finds Bobby in the top of a tall tower.
Bobby - "So, revenge, huh?"
Skeletor - "Yeah ya skrub!"
Bobby - "Come out serial killers and save me!"
First, a killer comes out of a coffin, then another came out of a trap door, and finally one came out from a pile of hay.
Bobby then jumps out of the tower into a barrel.
Bobby then locks the common ways to get out with a remote.
Skeletor picks up a nearby spear and uses it to defend against the killers and attack when he can.
He spins the spear over his head and then forces the spear into a killers forehead.
He rips the spear out and keeps on fighting.
A killer tries to attack him with a sledgehammer.
Skeletor blocks with his spear, but the spear is smashed into two pieces.
The hammer hits his nose and messes it up badly.
Skeletor then dodges the next hammer attack, and says "can't touch this" (get the reference)
A killer attempts to shoot him with a crossbow.
Skeletor dodges the arrow, and then throws it between the bars within the window.
The arrow almost hit Bobby, but it instead breaks the barrel and he runs up into a nearby tree.
He drops the remote and it breaks.
All of the common openings are opened up now.
Skeletor throws a sledgehammer killer out the window, and the killer dies at the impact.
The final killer attempts to shoot again.
Skeletor then dodges it, but falls out the window on purpose and lands in a haystack.
Skeletor -"That's what ya call a leap of faith"
Bobby then walks over to the haystack.
He looks at the haystack, and then walks slowly.
Bobby- "There is a 100 % chance you are dead,good for me, good for me. But to be sure..."
Bobby then gets two swords out.
When Skeletor notices that, he jumps out of the haystack and rolls under Bobby to take a sword.
He then slices through some of his flesh.
Bobby stabs Skeletor in the left leg and damages him.
They keep on blocking for several seconds until Skeletor cuts Bobby's wrist and steals his sword.
Bobby gets out a rope rifle and uses it to pull himself up a tree.
While in the air, he gets out a butcher knife and attempts to stab Skeletor.
He is successful and severed Skeletors back.
Skeletor then dodges the next few attacks, and manages to stab his right shoulder.
He then steals a paralysis shot from him and gives it to Bobby.
Bobby is paralyzed, and Skeletor stands over him with a sword pointed at his chest.
Bobby- "Save me!"
The archer jumps out of the building, but messes up when landing, causing him to die.
Bobby- " The Anti Admin, he wants to destroy all life in this galaxy. Once all toptenners are dead, he will let trolls move here, and then use their DNA along with the toptenners souls to make a bomb called "SHUTDOWN" to destroy the entire galaxy, and if you let me live, I'll make him vulnerable enough for us to kill him easily, please?"
Skeletor -"Deatho de promcio omaga bremako. If you betray us, automatic death and soul destruction. I'll let you live to help us.The same happened with me."
Bobby -" Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks!"
They meet up with the rest of the group.
Bobby -"I'll help you all by weakening the Anti Admin."
Skullkid755- "Fine."
Nate -"Sounds great."
Bobby -"Thanks. I'll schedule a meeting with him,but first I must make lifeless clones of you all so he can trust me enough not to suspect me to poison him."
They travel to Positron's lab to clone themselves. One by one, they get in, and a lifeless clone with wounds are made.
Eventually, they are all cloned.
Bobby then puts the bodies in the back of a truck, which is driven to the Anti Admin's lair.
Anti Admin - "Great, let's celebrate with some wine."
The Anti Admin gets a bottle out and pours the wine into two glasses, one for each of them.
Anti Admin -"I'll be back with some people to protect us while we are drunk.
While the Anti Admin is gone, Skeletor pours a small amount of pouder into Anti Admin's glass.
Anti Admin - "Time to drink!"
Anti Admin drinks the wine, and begins to feel bad.
Anti Admin -" What's going on here?"
Bobby -" I've gotten read of the need to use the Sacred Saber on you at all,and I destroyed it by accident with a rogue projectile during the cloning,so we needed to do that."
Skullkid755 jumps out from nowhere and slashes the Anti Admin's back.
Martinglez then shoots his left arm.
Anti Admin gets out of the building, which is when they all get their rope rifles out and go over to him. There is one rope rifle on each arm. The inside triggers activate the rope and the outside triggers activate the pistol, and a blade is mounted onto each.
Therandom stabs Anti Admin, which will now be called Deathmin.
Therandom -"You will die now, Deathmin."
Therandom fails to slice Deathmin and is severely injured.
Skullkid755 slashes three times, and is knocked 50 feet into the air by Deathmin.
Skullkid755 uses his left rope rifle to go up to the roof of a nearby building.
He jumps off to damage Deathmin with his "Rooftop Critical" technique.
He succeeds, but doesn't do much damage.
Deathmin then throws him into a window and knocks him out.
Martinglez uses his very own "Tunnel of Death" move.
He uses power energy to go underground and come up to do damage. Deathmin get's out of the way, and Martinglez misses.
Martinglez then gets to a nearby building and hides in it.
Nate gets an axe out and starts hitting Deathmin over and over again.
Deathmin manages to grab the axe and throws it at Keyson.
Keyson dodges it and counterrattacks by shooting a Power Blast.
Deathmin - "Time to upgrade!"
Deathmin then becomes more slim and muscular, and also has a glow of energy around him.
Bugger uses several Power Bombs on Deathmin, whom is damaged by these attacks.
TheEvilNuggetCookie then uses "Death Rain", in which he shoots many small blasts into the air and let them land over a sinlge area. Deathmin then says " Now, time to become, Administrator! "
Deathmin becomes 150 feet tall, and 30 feet wide.
Administrator -"I am now, unstoppable!"
Britgirl then uses one of her rope rifles to go up to Administrator's left eye and stab it.
She then goes to his left foot to damage it.
She is kicked into the air and is knocked out.
Keyson then sets Administrator on fire and burns him mildly.
EvilNugget -"Wake up everyone!"
He uses his energy to unleash a move that woke up any unconscious people who were close enough to hear it.
He gets everyone to follow him.
EvilNugget -"Teamwork!"
He explains a plan.
Keyson, Britgirl,Therandom,Positron, and Bugger get behind EvilNugget so he can be the main launcher for a huge power blast. The blast hits Administrator and damages him a lot, knocking him down. Martinglez, Skullkid755, and Nateawesomeness launch missiles at his face and throat.
After being mostly damaged, he still stays alive.
SirSkeletorthe3rd then throws many sticky grenades under his chest and onto his heart.
Everybody then backs up and waits for Bobbythebrony to detonate the bombs.
Bobbythebrony finally presses a button that allows the bombs to explode, paralyzing his heart.
TopTenPizza finally manages to slice it into pieces with a large sythe.
Administrator -"This is not the end, I'll return and destroy all life in the universe!"
He then melts into nothing at all.
Skullkid755 -"We won!"
Nate -"We will be ready when he returns!"
Keyson -"Britgirl, marry me in one month, my love!"
Britgirl -"I will, woohoo!"
Skeletor -"I, am glad, to have friends like you people. I am."
Admin (good)- "Right now, we rebuild our homes, businesses, and remember this as a holiday every year!"
Anonymous Chick- "According to this, the other timeline is destroyed, but since Self destruct is killed in the future, he is still alive, and I will quit explaining this now...(becomes present self)

Most stuff - Skullkid755
Other stuff - Other users
(Random user) - (Random user of same name)

Recap - Many normal fights, puga and Martin chased by Skeletor who loses, find out they must retrieve the Sacred Saber, hacking, diversion, Skeletor lives and is now a hero, puga is stone, Speed dies, more vehicle based action, the future, SD is killed by positron, back to past, no more time travel can happen, fight Danteem and Linnea, win, Bobby poisons Anti Admin, who is fought and killed in his strongest form.


Keyson and Britgirl marry, Skeletor dates TopTenPizza, positron becomes the most well known scientist, and everyone else hangs out and trains.


Hope this will be loved. - Skullkid755

Awesome season finale! It felt like the epic season finale to season 1 of Attack on Titan! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Great - bobbythebrony

Incredible finale,bravo my friend - Nateawesomeness

It was great! I did not read the previous ones but I still liked it. Good job. - visitor

That... Was... AWESOME, great finalle - Martinglez

Great job! Loved it :D - visitor

Can I be in it - 2storm