Nerdy Feel Reviews 7- Assassins Creed II Updated

Skullkid755 Yeah, an updated review. I beat AC 2 a few weeks ago, and now for a great review.

So, the story is epic! You play as Desmond, who uses a machine called the Animus, to relieve one of his ancestors lives, and this ancestor is Ezio. We get to see him grow up and become an assassin who most do something very important for his home. Now, the combat has good variety. Pistols, swords, smoke bombs, so good items that can be used. I love the Hidden Blade most cause it is just awesome to use. You can pull off counterattacks , stealth based attacks, and jump off a roof to kill a guy! The world of Renaissance Italy is cool, big, and interesting. You can run on top of rooftops too for more freedom! Ezio is one of my favorite characters of all time! He can take out powerful people, goes through a lot, and got an entire trilogy! The other characters like Leonardo are good too. The graphics are some of the best for its time and maybe it's consoles of that generation. The soundtrack is good and worth using up space on your iPod. But, the game is boring once you complete the story, and I wanted more flying machine missions! And having to leave the past to return to the present during the middle was something I didn't like, but it's still good with its flaws!
So, in my opinion, this is a reason to by a 7th gen home console and a reason to love ubisoft. So, this game gets a 94 out of ten for improvement and epicness, and I want to assassinate someone so much now.

Bye for today, see y'all later.


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