Update About My New Content

Skullkid755 Yeah, I'm gonna make a few changes. Now, one of those changes will involve me canceling YouTube Hate and Brand Hate and making a "Why I Hate (insert something here)" series do to timing and more variety in a single rant series is better than little variety in many series which are all doing the same thing, hating. Also, I'll take Angry TV Lover, my crossover between Angry Animation Addict and Loathing Live Action Lover, and which has had zero episodes error, will be merged with Excellent Entertainment, so I'll review a random show and decide whether to recommend to watch it or recommend to burn anything associated with it! Pet Peeves will stay like it is but I'll give it more categories for each topic. My two reality show based series will stay too, but only have new episodes made on Saturdays. If not on Saturdays than on Sundays. Crappy Comparisons will stay and go along with Pathetic Posts, where I'll rant about bad blog posts. Fan Art review will also stay, but it will have less consistent episodes because, well, it takes longer to save a draft with a clicked and dragged image than without so, yeah. So, yeah, anything I haven't mentioned yet
will stay, but there are a few things I'd like to announce in the next paragraph.

So, here are some new things I'm gonna create on this website. I am gonna make some completely new post series, and another one. First series will be Top Ten Choices, where choices the commenters vote on will determine the next episode's plot and ending.
I'll make 3 episodes for each trilogy of episodes, and there will be 4 trilogies each season. And, another series, which I'd like to call
"The Top Tens : A Timeline", which basically means I'll be making a series about The Top Tens and different fictional events that happen in the series and I'll be telling the story to Rock star and BlueTopazIceVanilla as a social studies teacher. And, finally, I'll try to make a "World History" post series where I explain what happened in past civilizations like Ancient Rome and Mesopotamia. So, now, I'll make some other announcements.

And, finally, I'll make fewer lists but still make them good, and also shorten my bio to two paragraphs. So, I'm done with this update, and bye... wait, I also plan on taking a break sometime this month or next month for two weeks. So, bye.


Nice changes - Martinglez

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Nice update - Nateawesomeness

You're going on hiatus? Anyways, your changes sound great. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

TTT History is already on the wiki lol. But don't be *that* biased in such a way that you write history like a victor. - visitor

Okay. - visitor