Cops and Criminals Episode 2 : Robbery

Skullkid755 Makoto : Why is my anime controversial, why not One Piece?
Kirito : Cause no one from One Piece made a top tens account and became controversial. Am I the only one breaking the 4th Wall here?
Dan : Well, anime doesn't break the 4th wall much, so that makes you unique. You made me talk, which means I lost the quiet contest with Mr. Pickles. Time to die!
Dan gets out a bazookah.
Dan : Woo woop! Bamaroma!
Vegeta uses a kamehameha to knock out Dan.
Dan : I will defeat that overpowered character from an overpowered show someday.
Heather : Where's my shoes! I want my shoes!
Katara : Shut up! I'm trying to get water into my mouth without a glass!
Katara splashed water into Heather's face.
Heather : I spent 30 minutes on this makeup b***h!
Mr. Pickles causes forks and knives to float up and almost kills everyone until Raven Classic opens a portal to send them back.

Matt Groening : I got a new challenge. The criminals must steal money from the cops in a bank. Mr. Pickles, if things get out of hand, I'll call an Exorcist.
Kirito : I guess he'll be half devil and be associated with the color blue. I'm jealous of that anime. Mine doesn't have non virtual demons in them.
Stanford Pines : So, when will we begin Matt Groaning?
Matt Groening : Grey - ning
Sideshow Bob : Sure?
Matt : No. And now, we're copying a game I was the villain of.

They go to the challenge area, which simulates a bank being robbed.
Matt : Whoever does there task within 15 minutes wins,know other rules, start!

Boots is randomly walking around and keeps getting hit by lasers.
Naruto fires several lasers at him.
Zoro then slices Makoto into many pieces and says "I don't need a tragic story or be a rival, unlike someone here ..."
Vegeta overhears this and says "Mewberty sucks!"
He then badly damages Makoto.
3 minutes are left now.
Makoto : I am not a Gary Stuu!
Kirito : And I aint a pervert!
Kirito then slices him up with two swords.
Elmor Fud : Get outa ma way wascal!
Elmor Fud then uses an overpowered cartoon rifle that would otherwise not fit in the bank to damage Kirito.
Kirito : See, I aint as overpowered as Emo Fudge!
Makoto : But I do my biggest fault right!
Kirito : And I do it better, as a harem. Most of the girls only stay for less than 3 episodes though.
Ten Seconds Left : Kirito and Makoto respawnNine seconds left : Vegeta defeats Frieza.
Eight seconds left : Mr. Pickles leaves do to an exorcist.
Five seconds left : Matt Groening calls Seth McFarland for no apparent reason.

Boots : Where's the returning back thingy?
Matt : Just a mile North, perfect for catapulting over there.
Boots is launched to the Loser Land.
Boots : Where's the house?

Matt Groening : To be continued. Ah great, I can't think of a good burn for Studio Gibdi! Wait, Spirit Away from me!


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