Cops and Criminals Episode 3 : Rough Riots

Skullkid755 Matt Groening - Hey, remember the time when liberals went to far? Yeah, 2014 in a nutshell. Let's see how you can make a riot competitive!

Vegeta - So, Kirito, how do we get Makoto off our team.
Kirito - Death Note I guess.
Zoro - We cut off the Light!
Kirito - What does that mean?
Zoro - I cut Light into pieces, and still the Death Note.
Naruto - Well, his anime is, well you know. I have the perfect jutsu!
Naruto transforms into a sexy teenage girl and Makoto is sent flying by blood shooting from his nose.
Makoto - Still note as perverted as Akame Ga Kill.
Connie - Still not as good as that show either.

Matt Groening - Today, the Criminals will be destroying everything in this area, and the Cops must get rid of all the criminals before the place is destroyed. The losers must rebuild the place.

Dan - You are the reason we lost last time Matt, I'm gonna nuke you!
Akame then drops down from a tree and injures Dan. She then runs away.
Dora - Where's the assassin?
Heather - With your brain.
Mr. Pickles - My favorite number is 666.
Heather - I don't care.
Mr. Pickles sets Heather's hair on fire.

The challenge begins.
Stanford comes up with a plan for half his team mates to go to the middle and half to the perimeter.
The criminals run to the center and set it on fire, but first must get rid of the cops in the middle.
The cops and criminals break out in a huge fight.
Makoto and Connie meet face to face.
Makoto - I'll give you candy and money if you do something to me.
Connie - Back off Pico!
Connie then slices Makoto into 42453523525252345329458582759872340958723985472398925 pieces.
Matt then picks up all the pieces and screams at them in a jar.
Matt - No matter who loses, Makoto will have to rebuild the place, destroy it, rebuild it, and repeat 15 times all night with anime physics and not cartoon physics.
Makoto - No, I'll die a virgin!
Connie - 321, and you still don't know your priorities.
Sideshow Bob burns down the middle area, and the fire spreads outwords.
Stanford - Outsiders do your job!
The fire is going back to the middle.
The criminals then started jumping then with weapons in their hands.
When they land, they see that the cops are actually robots.
The robots explode and take out all the criminals except Mr. Pickles and Sideshow Bob.
Sideshow Bob then starts going on a hack 'n slash spree and randomly takes out the cops that were controlling the robots from the perimeter without challenge, until Katara uses all the water around the island to shoot a hole through Sideshow Bob.
Mr. Pickles runs away, bumps into Vegeta, and uses his demonic powers to consume his Ki and destroy the entire island.

The Criminals are crowned the winners, but Makoto must rebuild the place and have his gender changed with a sharp knife.
Makoto - "No, I want to keep mine!"

In the elimination, Vegeta is voted off for letting Mr. Pickles defeat him.
Vegeta - I should have attacked him when he was at his weakest, but I was to late.

Makoto - My life is boring now, and I have to work too! Why can't this happen to Kirito!
Kirito - We're trying to sleep pervert!
Makoto - Shut up harem!
Kirioto - It will grow back, cartoon physics will reset for you when you complete your job!

Matt - To be continued!


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