First List Anniversary : What I Plan On Doing In The Future

Skullkid755 Life, life, life is short. So short, you want to live more, even if your life is extended by adding 100 more years until death. Years, years, years go bye. Go bye, go bye, go bye so that eventually you find out that your first top tens list is over a year old, and you should make a blog post about it. And, you should make a blog post that's significant, not a life story, but a life plan. A life plan, that goes past your time on this website, a life plan that involves not working for the man, then working for the man, then being the man who is worked for. Yep, I have been here just about over a year now, and here's my plan.

Indie Development : Step one of becoming a respected game designer, I'll design several original, creative, and fun to play video games which range from beat em ups to open world, to hack in slash. I'll make my first masterpiece free on the steam workshop, and then make a sequel that would be just 1 dollar after it gains enough positive reviews, if it's not popular, no sweat, I'll just make games, and put them on discs to be installed on computers at my school if my teachers agree, if not, then I'll sell them to kids with laptops outside of school for 50 cent a disc. And no steam account would be required. They'll be 2D also so you won't need a very strong PC to play them. I'll be either praised in real life, or praised online, but either way, I'll be making games, and if I can, get friends to help me out, and we'll use a cheap PC we all share, with a steam account we share cause I am kind of paranoid of people using my computer and tablet.

Game Designing In Office : I'll design games for a big game company, probably Valve or Blizzard since most of my game designing experience is based off of Game Maker Studio for PC. I'll send in some unique and great ideas that they'll ask other workers about and if I get my ideas made, I'll get the credit and become well respected. The money will go to me. I'll make enough well respected games that I'll be able to be a game director and a game business owner for the company.

Business Leader : I'll hire several workers and treat them well in a good environment with a good combination of laid back freedom and strict rules. We'll all get paid, and if someone pitches an idea to me, they get a good amount of the money made off the finished product. They'll eventually end up like me if things go like they did with me.

Retired : I have given my position to the worker who has contributed the most success to my company, and I have given 60% of my money to them, 25% to good charities, and finally, the rest would go to me and my family, where I'll live a happy, retired life in which I'll go back to being an Indie Developer.

So, this is just what I'd like to happen in my career life, and I hope if it doesn't come true, some of it at least does, even for someone who isn't me. What do you plan on doing with your life, or will you just decide at the last minute? Unlike what you plan, this isn't my official plan, but it is something I currently hope will happen to me as of 7/6/2016. This post has been concluded, and see you all later, on this website.


Hope that it comes true - Martinglez

This post is very inspirational. I hope for the best to come for you in your bright future, Skullkid755. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Great plan. - ProPanda

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So you got your whole future planned out. Nice. - visitor

That's creative and amazing! - TwilightKitsune