Best Top 10 Blockchain Companies in Mohali

Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger technology that contains records of a growing list, called blocks that are securely attached together using cryptography.
In today's world businesses just run upon the information. Blockchain is the best way to deliver information because it just provides immediate and completely transparent information which is stored in an immutable ledger that can only access by permission of network members.
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The Top Ten
1 SofSter Developing Unique

Our Mission
The mission at SofSter – is to create innovative products and unique solutions. Our goal is to provide customer-centric, result-driven innovative, and functional IT solutions to our global clients. With the aim to meet client’s demands, our team works to bring successful growth for businesses.
Understand the business needs of our clients
Explore new opportunities that maximize the business value
Become more agile and competitive by leveraging technology
Collaborate with our clients to bring successful products to the market

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2 LBM Blockchain Solutions
3 Apptunix
4 OffCoders Solutions
5 Beyond Root Technology Services
6 Impinge Solutions
7 Innow8 Apps
8 Digimoz Technologies
9 Luminoguru Pvt Ltd
10 Moogle labs