Top Ten Most Underrated Nickelodeon Live-Action Shows

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I Am Frankie

Not that good good a show unlike some of its predecessor American telenovelas such as Every Witch Way & WITS Academy.
Though Talia in the Kitchen wasn't so good due to poor execution & Make It Pop was a disaster.
This would fall somewhere between Talia in the Kitchen & Every Witch Way in the score from bad to good(though I heard people compare it to My Life as a Teenage Robot). - Gregory

Hunter Street

This was a good show until the next seasons where it became repetitive like Phineas & Ferb.
Which shows us that Nickelodeon still couldn't bring up good ideas anymore. - Gregory

Cousins for Life
Knight Squad

It's a boring show just like any other failed Nickcom these days.

The idea of knights was good, but Nick poorly executed it and made this abomination of a show.

The laugh track is used too much and used more on this show than on most Nickcoms.

Not worth the time watching anyway to be honest no offense. - Gregory

Deadtime Stories Deadtime Stories is an American anthology horror-fantasy television series written by Annette Cascone and based on the book series of the same title (created by Annette and Gina Cascone) that aired from November 2, 2012 to December 5, 2013 on Nickelodeon.

A failed ripoff of Are You Afraid of the Dark.
It didn't even last long no wonder. - Gregory

Talia in the Kitchen Talia in the Kitchen is an American telenovela-formatted teen sitcom that premiered on Nickelodeon on July 6, 2015. It was an adaptation of the Nickelodeon Latin American telenovela, Toni, la Chef, and was created by Mariela Romero & Catharina Ledeboer, the same writers who made Every Witch Way & WITS more.

It was a good idea of a chef on a show, but they poorly executed it.
At least it didn't have a laugh track, and thankfully it wasn't as bad as Make It Pop. - Gregory

WITS Academy WITS Academy is an American telenovela-formatted teen sitcom that premiered on Nickelodeon on October 5, 2015 and ended on October 30, 2015. The show, a spin-off/sequel to Every Witch Way, was announced on February 25, 2015, and is created by Catharina Ledeboer, produced by Viacom International and more.

A great modern show that unfortunately got cancelled after 1 season in 3 weeks. - Gregory

The Other Kingdom The Other Kingdom is an American and a Canadian fantasy and teen sitcom that premiered on Nickelodeon on April 10, 2016. The series is produced by DHX Media, and created and executive produced by Thomas W. Lynch.

Magic shows were great, but this was basically a rehash and like any other magic show, yet it didn't even last a season. - Gregory

House of Anubis House of Anubis is a mystery television series developed for Nickelodeon based on the Dutch-Belgian television series Het Huis Anubis.

My childhood - Sarane

This was Nick's 1st show outside America and the 1st telenovela on the channel.

It was perfect & full of mystery & perfect execution.
It was entertaining and fun to watch.

The characters did perfect roles, and the show was almost flawless.
Though the 3rd season wasn't so good anyway.

Unfortunately, this got cancelled after 3 seasons after so much praise about the show.
Yet the last episode wasn't even good enough to qualify as a grand finale.

Terrible move Nick. - Gregory

Legendary Dudas Legendary Dudas is an American sitcom created by Kevin Jakubowski that premiered on Nickelodeon on July 9, 2016. The series stars Theodore Barnes and DeVion Harris.

So so documentary. - Gregory