Why Kpop is Bad

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1 The singer focuses on his/her looks instead of his/her music

Oh really!? Please do your research before saying nonsense. Sorry.

2 If you don't like kpop you are automatically racist
3 The music is bad
4 The stans
5 People only like them for their looks
6 Plastic surgery
7 The industry sucks

The industry is torture, they make you eat very little, make you do plastic surgery(most companies), don't allow anyone to publicly date, or they don't allow them to date AT ALL until retired, so if you want a chance at dating jimmy, or jungkock, you'll have to wait till he's like 30 or even older

8 The music videos are ridiculous
9 The stans are all over social media, doing dumb stuff
10 They "cancel" people for saying the n word or something and it does literally nothing to them

are you even trying?